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175, Thanks JY and 7Sage

nate12111111nate12111111 Alum Member

Just wanted to say thank you to JY and the 7sage crew for getting me to this score. Honestly, one of the best LSAT study services ever, JY's voice is truly iconic. All the best to everyone else, hope you all achieve you dreams! As for me, no for LSAT forever unless someone is willing to hire me as a tutor lol


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8308 karma

    Amazing score, congrats! Any words of wisdom?

  • Juliet - Student ServiceJuliet - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
    5740 karma

    @nate12111111 Congratulations!

  • lawyer2021lawyer2021 Member
    536 karma

    Can you share, how you were able to get this amazing score?

  • lawyer2021lawyer2021 Member
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    I'm struggling with LR

  • lawyer2021lawyer2021 Member
    536 karma

    Any advice?

  • nate12111111nate12111111 Alum Member
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    @canihazJD said:
    Amazing score, congrats! Any words of wisdom?

    @"jackson.julien" said:
    Can you share, how you were able to get this amazing score?

    Hey guys, for some reason I can't reply directly so I hope you see this.

    I don't have much great advice except that you should just follow the 7sage curriculum, don't skip any sections even if they seem useless at first. Beyond that, just make sure to do full, timed, PTs, try not to split up whole tests. The actual LSAT is timed and thats how you should take it.

    For LR, practice practice, practice. There are no real "unique" questions like you sometimes get with LG, they are all very similar. Overtime, if you do all 89 PTS, with two sections of LR each, you'll have done something like 4450 LR questions and be very able to see the similarities. There's enough specific advice on here already.

    For LG, I will go counter to what is normally said and say don't try to make too many inferences at the beginning. Look for the obvious ones, then take another quick look for any possible deeper connections, and after that just move on. Early on I tried way too hard to fill in the entire game board like JY does. If you can do that, great, but most people can't. And its much better to use that extra time on the questions.

    For Reading comprehension, I really can't help you. I'm a social science kid so all we do is read over-complex articles.

    More generally, don't be afraid of one bad score! Remember that outliers are a thing and not to be discouraged by them. Just keep trudging on

    Good luck to you guys

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