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21 Admission Cycle

ericpassaglia-1ericpassaglia-1 Monthly Member
edited November 2020 in Law School Admissions 75 karma

Too late to take the January LSAT & apply for Fall 21 Admission in Feb? Higher score later > Lower score earlier?

Anyone else in the same situation?


  • amanda.n98amanda.n98 Monthly Member
    edited November 2020 65 karma

    I'm in the same boat. I contacted the admissions offices of all the schools I intend on applying to. They all stated something similar: that they would much rather a strong, competitive application that is submitted later in the cycle as opposed to a rushed one that is submitted earlier. Also, that they will still give scholarships to those applying later in the priority cycle, so long as the application is submitted before the priority deadline.

    I was super worried about this, so it was very encouraging and helpful to hear directly from the admissions offices. I recommend that you email your schools' admissions as well, to hear those words directly from them. But honestly, based on what I have heard from my schools and various tutors, do not be too concerned about the timeliness of the Jan LSAT. Have your personal statement, diversity statement, and applications ready to go. As soon as you receive your score, you can just submit everything. I would personally much rather submit apps a bit "late" with a higher LSAT score, and therefore a higher chance of being accepted, than to submit earlier with a lower LSAT (and therefore lower chance of being accepted).

    Good luck! You are really going to be okay. Study hard. We're all in this together. You're gonna kill the Jan LSAT! :)

  • LogicbaeeeLogicbaeee Monthly Member
    92 karma

    I am on the same boat, thank you for the insightful comment @amanda.n98!

  • ericpassaglia-1ericpassaglia-1 Monthly Member
    edited November 2020 75 karma

    Thank you for the comforting insight! Will heed your advice and remain in touch with each admissions office regarding my application timeline.

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