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Study Group! in high 150s want 164+

veronicanrcataneseveronicanrcatanese Free Trial Member

Hi everyone! My diagnostic was a 149 and I'm at 158/159 after 2 months of really light and minimal studying but I've been hitting a plateau the last 2 tests. My goal is a 164-166 range (but obviously higher is great). I'm not planning on taking the test until April or summer so I know I'm ahead, but with a full time job this is easier. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone who is in the mid to high 150s and whose goal is mid to high 160s wants to start a study group! Idc when you plan to take the test! I'm also open to suggestions on how to best execute this like meeting virtually or just chatting, etc. If you're interested leave an email in the comments. Hope to hear from some of you :)

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