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List of LR questions that require Conditional Logic Diagrams

ColoradoJDColoradoJD Alum Member


In order to practice conditional logic diagrams, does anyone know if there exists a list of LR questions that include conditional logic?

For instance, on PT59 / Section 1 / Game 3 there is an addendum with a list of similar LG questions: (

Thanks in advance!


  • kkole444kkole444 Alum Member
    1687 karma

    hello @ColoradoJD
    I am not sure if there is a list of LR questions that use conditional logic similar to that of the LG list. But here is a list of questions that can have conditional logic in them.
    MBT(more likely)
    MBF(More likely)
    parallel Flaw
    the MBT and MBF you'll probably find the most conditional logic questions in there.

  • ColoradoJDColoradoJD Alum Member
    edited March 2021 28 karma

    Thanks, @kkole444 I appreciate you chiming in!

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