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October LSAT Study Group!

oliviabcoliviabc Member
in Study Groups 63 karma

Hi! My name is Olivia and I just began studying again to retake the LSAT in October 2021, I’m hoping to improve my score from my previous LSAT in January 2021. Myself and two other 7sage contacts have a study group and are looking to see if anyone else would like to join us for accountability, help, support etc.
I am practice scoring just above the mid 160's and would like to get to solid high 160's by the October LSAT. If anyone taking the October LSAT is interested and scoring around the same range let me know through 7sage messages and I’ll add you to our What’sApp!



  • caromes02caromes02 Monthly Member
    7 karma

    Hi Olivia! I almost taking the October LSAT and would love to join your WhatsApp group. Sincerely, Carolyne

  • dd223311dd223311 Alum Member
    37 karma

    Hey I would love to be added! I am also taking it in October :)

  • TolliverdTolliverd Member
    8 karma

    Hello, I am not taking until January but I would still love to join your WhatsApp group.
    Best, Denise

  • calva.ariadna00calva.ariadna00 Monthly Member
    8 karma

    Hi! I am currently planning to take the LSAT in October and would like to join your Whatsapp group!

  • LegallyBrunette21LegallyBrunette21 Yearly Member
    500 karma

    Hey, I would like to join as well! Currently scoring in low 160s and hoping to score high 160s by October.

  • 2 karma

    I'm taking in November but would love to join!

  • Lawtina-2Lawtina-2 Alum Member
    10 karma

    Hi there! I'm taking mine in November but would like to join your study group!

  • Lowry0707Lowry0707 Monthly Member
    102 karma

    Hey i am also retaking in October and scoring in the low 160's looking to get into the high 160's and would to joinn

  • xo_f4iryxo_f4iry Alum Member
    85 karma

    Hi! I am also retaking in October and would like to join.

  • rodrigueznathalie555rodrigueznathalie555 Alum Member
    11 karma

    Hi! I would also like to join!

  • qtang2qtang2 Alum Member
    76 karma

    I'm taking in November but would love to join!

  • luca takes lsatluca takes lsat Monthly Member
    13 karma

    Hello, i would also like to join!

  • guneet_97guneet_97 Monthly Member
    11 karma

    Hello, I would also like to join :)

  • gemini_vegetariangemini_vegetarian Monthly Member
    41 karma

    I'd like to join!

  • edp211edp211 Monthly Member
    15 karma

    I would love to join, as well! Thank you!

  • BreyannaBreyanna Monthly Member
    24 karma

    Hi I would love to join as well!

  • 8 karma

    I would love to join. How should we provide you with our information for the WhatsApp group. Thank you 😊

  • skiman2020skiman2020 Alum Member
    140 karma


  • cheetahgirl25cheetahgirl25 Alum Member
    14 karma

    interested to join!

  • Zara1996Zara1996 Alum Member
    28 karma

    Hi! I would love to join as well!

  • Chell2014Chell2014 Monthly Member
    2 karma

    I’m taking October LSAT and would like to join the group

  • mattsaysmattsays Alum Member
    edited July 2021 32 karma

    Hey Olivia! Would love to join the group as well. Planning to take the October 2021 LSAT.

  • Ella_Om14Ella_Om14 Monthly Member
    10 karma

    Hi Olivia, I'm taking it in October as well for the firs time! Would be great to be part of the WhatsApp group

  • meg4122meg4122 Monthly Member
    49 karma

    Interested! Re-taking in October as well

  • obehi10obehi10 Alum Member
    18 karma

    Hey Olivia! I’m taking the October LSAT and would like to join the group if still possible! Thanks!

  • Dunya K.-1-1Dunya K.-1-1 Monthly Member
    36 karma

    Hi Olivia! I am interested in joining your study group, let me know if it is possible, thank you!

  • Hailey Kai-1Hailey Kai-1 Monthly Member
    57 karma

    I'm interested to join!

  • Lucas012199Lucas012199 Member
    13 karma

    Hi Olivia, I am registered to take the October Test as well and am very interested in joining the group as well if possible?

  • MkazisandramMkazisandram Member
    2 karma

    Am planning to take in November please add me to your group

  • carolinemortonncarolinemortonn Alum Member
    7 karma

    Interested in joining and taking it in October!

  • LegallyLSATLegallyLSAT Monthly Member
    111 karma

    Please add me to the group :)

  • Kaelle44Kaelle44 Alum Member
    44 karma

    Please add me

  • Lexi Nasr-1Lexi Nasr-1 Monthly Member
    14 karma

    I will be taking the LSAT for the very first time in October, so I would love to join y'all!!

  • vichinskyvichinsky Monthly Member
    476 karma

    I would love to join you guys.

  • JordanAUJordanAU Monthly Member
    3 karma

    I would like to join you guys. add me please. It will be my first LSAT test in October.

  • john.cryejohn.crye Member
    11 karma

    Interested!! October LSAT taker here!

  • taiga_aisakataiga_aisaka Monthly Member
    52 karma

    November LSAT! But would love to join

  • thisistheway-1thisistheway-1 Yearly Member
    138 karma

    Would love to join to contribute -- Cheers!

  • mayasernamayaserna Monthly Member
    28 karma

    I would like to join! Thank you!

  • aeh_aliaeh_ali Monthly Member
    20 karma

    I'd like to join too!! Thanks :)

  • Basma HumadiBasma Humadi Alum Member
    37 karma

    I'd love to join! :)

  • JakejakeJakejake Monthly Member
    31 karma

    Hello! I'd love to join your study group!

  • gursuraj22gursuraj22 Monthly Member
    23 karma

    Hey! I would love to join the study group!

  • jinikoduahjinikoduah Alum Member
    2 karma

    Hey! I would like to join as well. Hoping to write in October

  • magicmazemagicmaze Monthly Member
    21 karma

    Please add me too!

  • Exhausted_GingerExhausted_Ginger Alum Member
    45 karma

    I would like to join yalls group! I need people keeping me accountable w/my studying! I am taking the (for the first time) Aug. test here in a few weeks, however, based on my PTs I already know I want to retake it in October! I would love to join yalls group!

  • sherlockholmesherlockholme Alum Member
    35 karma

    Hi I know I'm a little late to the party here but I'm an October test taker, as well, and I'd love to join - if possible!!! :-)

  • blobbbbbblobbbbb Monthly Member
    61 karma


  • kbirvin1kbirvin1 Monthly Member
    2 karma

    Also interested

  • Claudia_YangClaudia_Yang Alum Member
    62 karma

    Same here!
    Have decided to take October LSAT.
    Also in low and mid 160s.
    Please add me to the group. Thanks~

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