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Webcam Verification

jkjk5041jkjk5041 Member
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Hey guys,

The upcoming August LSAT is my first LSAT ever and while I'm almost mentally broke from the stress, I've been thinking about how the test will be administered online. So my understanding is that we sit in our own rooms (unless you have accommodation) and a proctor will identify your ID (which I assume we just hold up to the webcam?) then we have to show them a sweep of the room and table which is where I'm a little lost.
I'll be using a standard laptop camera which is incorporated on top of the screen, so do I just carry the laptop in awkward angles and do a little twirl? I feel like this is a little weird and time-consuming if everyone has to do it at the same time.

Also by proctor, does that mean everyone is assigned a human to check ID, table, room etc., or is this an automated message that just plays before the exam?

I'm so sorry if these are newbie questions that are already answered somewhere else online -- I couldn't find them on the LSAC website.
Any insight would help so much! Thank you in advance!


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    commenting to follow. I'm a little unclear, too about how we log on... Do we just log onto proctor u at our test time?

  • rbz_12345rbz_12345 Core Member
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    I'm not sure if you will be able to access this but a couple weeks ago LSAC held a "What to expect on test day" webinar and this is the link. It said that this video should be up on their website in a couple weeks but I don't think it is yet. Hope this can help!

  • Isaac BensaidIsaac Bensaid Member
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    Yeah, I would be worried too, .... logging in and holding the ID up was very difficult, specially when it comes to showing the proctor the room. Just kidding. Just relax, everything will be clear on test day.

  • MissionLsatMissionLsat Member
    edited August 2021 379 karma
    1. I guess most of the test takers give their test on such a laptop only. And one do have to pick it up to circle it 360 degrees to show the four walls and also have to show the area under the table on which you would be giving the test. You also have to show your keyboard for which you can keep a mirror with you so that the reflection in the mirror could capture your keyboard.

    Everyone has to do it same time????
    You would be alone with your proctor, there will be no other test taker with you on the call.

    For the exam, there will be a live person responsible for checking all the stuff. However, for the writing section there will be no live human proctor.

    Also don't stress too much about it. The process is pretty simple and LSAC is very responsive to any problem or query you may face. They also have a rescheduling facility available, by which you could take the exam, just a week later in case of any technical difficulties. So relax and all the best.

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