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Plans for test day and the week before

Hey guys! What is everyone's plan for test day and the week leading up to the test? Will you warm up before the real deal or save your mental energy for the exam? Also, how intense have you studied during the week before the test? TIA!


  • eddieh414eddieh414 Member
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    Im thinking of pt'ing on sunday, and reviewing on monday, then taking on tues.
    As for test day, I want to plan to wake and exercise a bit to get everything flowing right. Maybe go for a run even though running is misery lol. Lots of music, get the vibe juices flowing. Omega-3's, maybe a bit of caffeine. No foods that'll make a bathroom emergency if you know what i mean. right before the test maybe do a LG just to jumpstart myself.

  • tantan_icetantan_ice Member
    edited August 2021 23 karma

    Two PTs before Tues (Test Day) and few LG problem sets. Waking up early Tues - down lots of water early in the morn, breathing exercises, short run / jog to get the blood flowing, meditate and eat some fruit. Make sure to keep a water bottle and a small snack (granola bar, nuts, candy, whatever) next to you in case you need to refuel during the break :)

  • kckelley25kckelley25 Member
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    I actually signed up for a super early morning test because I want to get it over with as soon as I wake up. This is my second time taking it, and last time when I took it at 10:30AM I ended up waking up super early because of nerves and couldn't even eat or really do anything and my anxiety just kept building. So I'll pretty much just wake up and take it. This week, I haven't done any full PT's since Sunday (my test is tomorrow), but I was drilling like three sections per day until Thursday, and then I stopped everything until the test. Tomorrow morning, I plan on doing like 5 super easy LR questions and one super easy game just to warm my mind up. I didn't do that the first time I took the test and my mind literally went BLANK when I looked at the first section. It was like I couldn't read lol. Like I said, test anxiety really gets to me, so trying to do what I can to lessen it this time :)

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