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LR Help

Hey all,

So, I got my August results and hit about my average of 155. I am not too disappointed in this mark as I was hovering around this for a while. The area where I struggle most is LR. RC is always between -7 and -11, so I do not want to focus on this area. LG is consistently -1 to -5. LR fluctuates the most with -8 to -16. I find that even when I am confident in an answer, I still get it wrong and once it is explained on here it totally makes sense. I can't seem to wrap my brain around it. I am planning on writing again in October and November. My goal is 160, so I am not too far off, and that should be good enough seeing as I have a great AGPA.

I am thinking that I will go through my practice questions on 7Sage again. I will do them timed, do my BR, and repeat this process until something sinks in.

I am wondering if anyone has any other tricks that worked for them with LR? While 7Sage has helped me a lot, I am just looking for some suggestions on LR studying that worked for others?

Thanks in advance,


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    I am somewhat in the same boat! LG consistently -1 to -5, RC is -6 to -12, and LR is -6 to -9. I am not sure how to improve on LR, and have the same issue when it comes to understanding an AC.

  • ledkarlyledkarly Member
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    please read the Loophole in logical reasoning. I was averaging -12/-11 and now -6/-5. it helps so so much.

  • giulia.pinesgiulia.pines Member
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    I've been averaging -5 on LR and what really helped me is NOT TO WASTE TIME on questions that are time sinks. I skip a lot, and I've gotten comfortable with skipping because I know I'll have about 10 minutes at the end to come back to the hard ones.

    I skip the ones that don't make sense to me upon 2nd read, and the parallel argument/parallel flaw, as I know for me these take the most time.

  • WinningHereWinningHere Member
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    Are you using the analytics to see trends in question types you are getting wrong? Then drill those question types in-between your routine?

  • mattscrappymattscrappy Member
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    Hopefully it's not too late! With such a big fluctuation in your average scores, it sounds like you might not always understand the stimulus/conclusion?
    I had this problem too when I started, and a thing that helped me is that you should really focus on identifying the exact conclusion. If you can't say exactly what the argument is trying to prove, then you can't weaken it, strengthen it, figure out NA's or SA's, etc. A lot of the trap answers exploit confusing conclusions by giving you an answer thats relevant to the content of the passage but just not completely to the conclusion. Go through a LR section or two treating each question as a "main point" question. Determine the conclusion, then, for some extra practice and without looking at any of the AC's, think of a way you could strengthen it and a way you could weaken it.
    I've found that the better I have understood the conclusion, the better I have been able to answer them and the more likely it is I will get the answer right.

  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Member
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    Redo core curriculum slowly until you are doing better.

    When doing timed practice on each question type, skip the ones that at first glance are a dog. Come back to these questions at end, your brain may do better on second read and fresh start.

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