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best choice for me for admissions help

tapny1tapny1 Alum Member

Hi- I'm a non-trad with work experience, parenting-related work break, etc... I am only interested in two local schools for their weekend program (I'm in NJ) because of family duties. So I definitely need the unlimited edit PS help; I'm wondering if I'll get advice regarding other questions I have, like the content of my resume, whether I should delay applying until the next cycle, whether my background would be suitable for a diversity statement... those kinds of things.


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    I just did some research on consultants, and I felt like Spivey was the best company I found!

  • qs2159qs2159 Member
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    7sage also has it's own consultant group and it's decent! I purchased the administrative consultant package and worked with a former administrative officer from Northwestern and a fantastic editor. Their package includes applications to ten schools. DM if you want some more detail!

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Member
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    You can honestly find most of the answers to your application questions from folks who have been around the block with regard to admissions. If you attend enough info sessions, you'll start to feel like an AdComm yourself ;)

    For PS writing and editing, it is a grueling process, and if you have the means to hire a pro to help you with that, I have heard nothing but good things about 7Sage's service (doesn't surprise me, these guys are great!).

  • Tajira McCoyTajira McCoy Member Administrator Admissions Consultant
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    Hi @tapny1, great question! The unlimited edit package is limited to that one document; however, if you want to be able to ask questions about other parts of your application/candidacy without committing to a full admissions consulting package, we do have hourly options ( where you can speak with an admissions consultant and receive guidance. Best wishes to you--I'm rooting for you! -Tajira

  • tapny1tapny1 Alum Member
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    thank you Tajira!

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