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lindqu41lindqu41 Monthly Member

I need advice on how I should go about studying. I plan on taking the June LSAT and am starting studying now. I have three other materials outside of 7Sage that I will be using too, and I want to study 18 hours each week. How should I get through everything I can and set up a study schedule? I tried going through the syllabus, but this will take a really long time. My weakest suit is the logic games, then logical reasoning, then reading comprehension. Should I start with lessons on logic games even though the syllabus has these near the end?


  • jsterling2jsterling2 Monthly Member
    33 karma

    I'm also planning on taking the June LSAT and just started the study process as well. I think you're supposed to do everything in order since most of the skills build off of earlier ones, but since your weakest suit is the LG I think you can focus a lot of your attention on it because (I think) it builds mostly off LR.

  • Scott MilamScott Milam Member Administrator Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    @lindqu41 I generally recommend my students follow the order of the Core Curriculum unless you have a specific reason for skipping around. Later lessons assume you know the previous material, even across sections. Additionally, it follows the progression that makes sense for most students (LR and RC are harder to improve than LG, hence LG is later).

    However, if your diagnostic for, say, RC was particularly high it might make sense to skip that section.

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  • OscarCamOscarCam Monthly Member
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    Hey, I just made a discord for April 2022 and June 2022 LSATS if you want to join. I am aiming for 25-30hrs study a week. I took the November LSAT but am retaking so if you have any questions about it or the admissions lmk

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