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Is 1 LOR enough to submit?

mngldoohairtaimngldoohairtai Monthly Member
in General 103 karma

I have one LOR already submitted, and I'm waiting on a second one. They are both professional. The one that is submitted is from my boss at a job I had while going to school. The second is from an attorney coworker I had at my most recent job.

I am confident that the first LOR speaks very highly of me and my abilities. That guy thinks I walk on water.
I am less confident in the second LOR. He knows me, and I worked with him every day. He is a good guy, but he is really dragging his feet on this thing. He agreed to do it back in November, I contacted him about it at the beginning of this month and he again agreed to have it done as soon as possible. He hasn't replied to my emails since then.

Should I just go ahead and submit my applications and add his LOR later if/when it happens? Should I ask someone else?

What does everyone think?

Submit applications or wait for 2nd LOR
  1. Should I wait, Submit, or ask someone else and wait for that one?5 votes
    1. Wait on 2nd LOR
    2. Submit now, add LOR later if it comes
    3. Ask someone else to write 2nd LOR, submit later


  • PatBackkPatBackk Monthly Member
    198 karma

    Absolutely ask someone else. One letter will not be taken seriously by any admissions offices. I would say have at least 3 letters.

  • Universalitea_-1Universalitea_-1 Monthly Member
    229 karma

    If you have the option to submit your application now and add a LOR later, absolutely submit. But like PatBakk said, ask someone else as well. It's better to have an extra LOR than to not have enough assuming your coworker completes it.

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