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180 Club--Serious Discord group with fellow 7Sage tutor and 180 Pro

acingaway-1acingaway-1 Member
edited February 2022 in Study Groups 150 karma

Hi there! I created a post a few days again about a PST based study group for the June 2022 LSAT specifically focused on those who are seeking a 180. Here is a link to the original post:

I'm making another post to reach more people who are interested in joining and being active participants on this discord server. Also, as the title mentions, Scott Milam, who scored a 180 himself, kindly accepted my offer to join and participate on the discord. He has his own channel where you can ask him questions directly. And in the near future I plan on organizing a group video call session to speak with him and hear more about his journey and what it was like getting a 180. He is very much looking forward to meeting other determined students with their goals set on a 180.

If you want to be part of a serious study group where we delve into LR, RC, and LG topics, talk strategy and logic, and review PTs together, please message me demonstrating your interest.

Thank you and look forward to being in contact.



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