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Ready to call it

I’ve been studying since June 2021. I spent 4 months paying for lsat demon and switched to 7 sage sometime during November. I’ve studied consistently since (average one hour to 2 each day) and have taken 5 practice PTs. Today I received my worst score yet, a 143. I’m thinking of calling this process quits because I really do not feel as though I’m “getting this” or catching on to what I need to do in order to be successful enough to get in law school, let a lone get a scholarship, which in my financial situation is a necessity. I’m burnt guys. It’s depressing.


  • Isacon22Isacon22 Member
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    Take a break and relax. Especially if you been studying nonstop -- your burnout is causing your scores to drop. Your anxiety/fears are getting in your way of studying. Just take a week (or longer) break with no studying and hopefully the score would improve. I get it the LSAT is scary but try to think of it in a bigger scale. It's just an exam where you can showcase your knowledge and abilities to law school. Your going to do fine even if you feel like your whole world is falling apart. If you don't feel ready for the Lsat I would recommend taking it later in the year and/or taking a gap year. What you are going through is normal as that is what I'm going through. I switched around from program to program. My best bet is to relax and try to think logically about your situation. Need more time as you don't feel ready? Take the Lsat later. It won't hurt you in the end and it would guarantee a higher/better performing score. Feeling anxious and scared? Take a break. Not seeing a score improvement? Switching programs too fast maybe?? Maybe your techniques aren't as strong as you though they are? There is so many ways to reapproach the LSAT and your anxiety. However, your mental health is what matters the most not the LSAT. Just take a breather and treat yourself to something nice and think of a way to reapproach things.

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    The LSAT is very much a test of wills. Take a breather. Many people have been where you are right now and can relate. If you can, attend discussion below.

    Disappointing Scores: Let's Talk About It | Sunday, Feb 6, 3pm CST

  • tapny1tapny1 Alum Member
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    Keeping a wrong answer journal is one of the best tips out there that a lot of people share. The thing is- after you do a practice section- collect a few of the easier ones you got wrong, not ALL of them. It's too overwhelming. Watch J-Y explain five LR questions that you got wrong before #20, for example. Then write in a document- summarize the stimulus and what made the right answer right, etc... for each one. Sometimes the brain is busy learning, flexing, re-shaping and in that time period cannot "perform" on the questions. But it's working on it! Best of luck to you!

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