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Applying September 1

annabellefrannabellefr Alum Member

I know most apps open Sep 1/Sep 15. I've heard it's better to wait to submit until early October. Does anyone know why/if that's true? TYIA!


  • CSieck3507CSieck3507 Alum Member
    1376 karma

    Submit whenever you feel you have put together the best application possible, doesnt matter when you apply. Wont make a huge difference if you apply in Sept v Oct.

  • Selene SteelmanSelene Steelman Member Admissions Consultant
    1992 karma

    Hi @annabellefr . Former admissions officer here. You should apply when you feel your application materials are in the best shape. You shouldn't sacrifice the quality of your essays or resume to submit in September. Generally speaking, applying by Halloween or early November is considered "early" in the cycle. Good luck!

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