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Pepperdine Vs. USD

Anyone have pros for each school relative to the other?

I've done some research but would like some outside opinion / insight.

I would love to live / practice in San Diego and don't know much about Malibu. Money is of course a factor so it would depend on what each school offered in that sense. USD seems like a great school to me holistically.

Will Pepperdine grads be competing with LMU, Chapman, UCLA, etc grades more so than San Diego?

I had a friend who got into ucd, Berkeley, but still chose Gonzaga because she liked the location a lot more and wants to stay there. I don't know why people talk so much about rankings here. Obviously a super "Low" or not as reputable school AND the tier 1 ivy schools - that makes sense, but I know so many people who graduated from USD or other schools and were very successful.

Please do not respond with any pretentious comments. I need actual advice.


  • Avatario43Avatario43 Core Member
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    Anyone have any insight?

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
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    Both will have conditional scholarships and neither have stellar placement. But neither are terrible either. I'd say if you want to practice in SD, go there, barring a massively better offer at Pepperdine. Regarding competition, it depends what jobs and market you're referencing.

    People talk about rankings because like it or not school reputation matters in this profession. But for your purposes, and honestly anyone looking to regional schools to place them in a specific market, I think finances, fit, and employment data matter the most.

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