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Do I move on from questions that I still don't get?

selah403selah403 Monthly Member
in General 82 karma

I've taken J.Y.'s advice and written down on small pieces of paper the PT problems that I don't understand. For some of the questions it helped, and I moved on from those once I fully understood why the correct answer was correct, but what about the other ones that I just can't seem to get right?

I only have about a few, but they drive me crazy. Should I move on? Or keep reasoning them until I have them fully understood?


  • blanklawblanklaw Alum Member
    463 karma

    I would say to try working at them until they make sense to you. Often it's not even the question itself, but rather some core problem that you are struggling with. Focus on that and trying to understand the concepts, principles, and patterns.

    Good luck!

  • selah403selah403 Monthly Member
    82 karma

    @blanklaw Thanks!

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    edited December 2022 8139 karma

    IMO you shouldn't move on from anything you don't have absolute command over. Even a question you got right contains tricks that may not have affected your performance in that question, but will be the reason you lose a point on another question. Beyond the basics (why your choice was wrong, how they tricked you into tossing the right answer and selecting the wrong one, etc) you should be able to explain things like why they chose those words, why the answers are in that sequence, what tendencies or common assumptions they were targeting. And also your reactions... is this a time sink? Did you realize it? What was the trap and did you react efficiently? If not how can you fix it? Examine your performance like an athlete watching tape.

    If you get stuck, go do something else and come back with fresh eyes, but simply moving on without addressing issues is a huge foundational issue that will absolutely come back to get you, At the very least it will extend your prep timeline and require you to consume more material... at the extreme, this is how people can "run out" of content. Squeeze all the value out of the content. Leave nothing on the table... take it all.

  • selah403selah403 Monthly Member
    82 karma

    @canihazJD oh wow. Thanks!

    I'm glad I learned this early. Merry Christmas!

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