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Returning to LSAT prep after 2.5 years

RobotArmsAptsRobotArmsApts Core Member
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Hi all

I'm diving back into the world of LSAT prep after an extended break since taking the flex in late 2020. For that test I mostly prepared with Khan Academy, though I also took an LSAT course a year prior during college. On that exam I scored a 166. I'm positive I aced LG, thought I was -1 or 2 in LR, and then lost my mind in RC; whatever other incorrect answers got me that score came on that section.

After the test, I joined the workforce with the intention of gaining experience, finding myself etc. before applying to law school. Somewhere along the line I decided I should go back and all-in on prep, as I want to improve upon that score and my chances of admittance at a T-14 Law School. Now I'm on 7sage, about to buy a subscription.

I'm posting here because I'm a bit overwhelmed at the task ahead of me, and am feeling some anxiety about being able to get back to the level I was at in 2020, much less surpass it like I'm hoping. It feels like I'm back at square one, at least until I do the dive and pick up on some old skills. Does anybody have similar experiences or suggestions, either on repreparing or general RC improvement?

Thank you


  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
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    I think the best way to jump back in is to just take a PT and see what goes wrong. It will probably kick your shiny metal ass, but that's a good thing because it tells you where your soft spots are. Use that information to develop a targeted study plan and then get to work.

    As far as RC specifically, it really depends. What were your exact struggles?

  • RobotArmsAptsRobotArmsApts Core Member
    edited April 12 7 karma

    Thank you for the reply!

    Re: first point, thanks for the reference, you just brought a smile to my face.

    Re: second, I now realize this may have been a silly question to ask here, as it’s been too long for me to know exactly which question types I struggled with in my prep. But honestly, I don’t think there was a question type that did me in, rather the complex passages just lost me altogether. I struggled to even gather the main point, and even while studying. In the end those struggles were amplified under test conditions.

    One of the things I attribute to the success I had in LG was that with limited material on khan academy, I was forced to do repeated drilling of the same problems, and I became adept to the general flow and tricks of the games. With RC, I don’t know that the same situation helps. So, I figure a larger catalog will be of benefit, but I have to figure out how to review more properly/understand passages that aren’t straight forward

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