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June LSAT Technical Setup

clubNW1414clubNW1414 Alum Member
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Hi all, would really appreciate advice from anyone who has taken the LSAT recently. LSAC sent us a temporary login for proctorio to use when we registered for a time slot, however I tried to create my own account on proctorU and it wouldn't let me. Does anyone know how to set up Proctor U before test day? Do we need our ow account or do we use the temporary login? Thank you! #help


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    Hi clubNW1414, I am also taking the June LSAT! I did not use the temporary login, as I had already attached my LSAC account to ProctorU, but I would use it if I were you so that your exact test registration number translates over. Best of luck!

  • Aumber10Aumber10 Alum Member
    6 karma

    I used the temporary log in first, then from there I was able to edit my details under account settings to change my password etc. You should be able to select your account details on ProctorU and make account changes!

  • alonsogaralonsogar Live Member
    69 karma

    If all doesn't work, call Proctor u or e-mail them, if that doesn't work call LSAC. I know it sounds obvious but you'll save precious time and there's nothing wrong with asking.

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