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Anyone available to help me double check LSAC GPA?

Hi all,

I am in a bit of a shock at the moment. I received my cum GPA and it dropped from a 4.06 to 3.58. I had a rough start in 2010 and walked out on my courses without withdrawing. I need an expert to help me double check if LSAC may have made an error. I need an absolute pro to help me out. I don't want to ask LSAC to double check in case they made an error and somehow end up with a lower score. Any avail to help me out?

Thank you!


  • Avatario43Avatario43 Core Member
    198 karma

    how did you check your reported lsac gpa?

  • TheComeback20TheComeback20 Alum Member
    31 karma

    GPA 2.50 | 0.00| 0.00| 4.00| 3.88| 4.00| 4.01| 4.09

    Cum. GPA/College 2.50 1.92 1.32 1.68 2.87 3.11 4.01 4.06

    Cum. GPA %ile Rank INSF 85%

    GPA College Mean INSF 3.53

    Cum. Across GPA 2.50|1.92| 1.32| 1.68| 2.87| 3.11| 3.35| 3.58

    This is what I see on the lsac report.

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