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LSAT Study Buddies!

J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
edited January 2016 in General 14094 karma
Hey study buddies, post your thoughts about your meetings here! Suggestions welcome!

Here's the general idea guys. You're all studying for this horrendously difficult test. Better to do it with someone else than alone. How? Blind Review your LSAT Prep Tests or Problem Sets with someone else (in person or over Google Hangouts). Try to find someone 1) on your schedule and 2) at your level.

Edit: We now have a Study Buddies app on the dashboard! Check it out here:


  • Pamela A.M.Pamela A.M. Free Trial Member
    13 karma
    Just took PT47 (October 2005). Anyone interested in Blind Reviewing this or another test let me know. (Skype or NYC: midtown, 21st street, or Columbia Univ.). Thanks!
  • Mark TenorioMark Tenorio Free Trial Member
    299 karma
    PT 61 and below anytime this week. Skype/GH. I'm Hawaii time. Let me know. I'm also taking the LSAT this June. Legooo!
  • Quinn NguyenQuinn Nguyen Free Trial Member
    94 karma
    Mark, I'm down. Which one you want to do?
  • Mark TenorioMark Tenorio Free Trial Member
    299 karma
    Hey Quinn, I emailed u back. Hope u got it.
  • Mark TenorioMark Tenorio Free Trial Member
    299 karma
    Excuse my short-handed internet writing by the way. Habit...
  • Monsignor JugheadMonsignor Jughead Alum Member
    edited May 2013 40 karma
    Anyone interested in blind reviewing PT 45 this Sunday. Arizona time. Skype or GH. Taking in October.
  • Monsura SirajeeMonsura Sirajee Free Trial Member
    10 karma
    Does anyone want to blind review PT 49 with me (or any PT for that matter) sometime this week (preferably a weekday)?
  • Hugh BaranHugh Baran Free Trial Member
    edited May 2013 2 karma
    anybody in New Haven taking the June LSAT want to become a dynamic study team, blind reviewing, etc? :-D

    if nobody in New Haven or nearby happy to pair with someone else (maybe in nyc?)

    let me know!
  • Bret CypelBret Cypel Alum Member
    122 karma
    Hey Pamela,

    I just took 47 as well. I'm on Pacific time, but if you need a study buddy still let me know!

  • K SK S Free Trial Member
    86 karma
    Anyone in the Massachusetts/Boston Area?
  • hhhhhh5555hhhhhh5555 Free Trial Member
    11 karma
    Anyone living in Toronto, Ontario Canada?
  • Jackson MejiaJackson Mejia Free Trial Member
    5 karma
    I would love a study buddy to blind review a pretest or two with. unfortunately I completely most of the preptest above 40. Skype would be preferable- Jackmf419 - will repost once I see which test I have not completed yet.
  • James DeanJames Dean Free Trial Member
    297 karma
    I will be taking the October LSAT, so I am getting ready to start taking full length preptests. I'm looking for a potential study buddy for the thousands of blind review questions to come. In person at the University of Illinois, or skype.
  • daltonturnerdaltonturner Free Trial Member
    11 karma
    I am looking to find a Skype study buddy and I am planning on writing the October LSAT. Let me know if anyone is interested. I live in Windsor, ON if anyone is around who would like to meet in person as well!
  • Doctor WhoDoctor Who Free Trial Member
    39 karma
    is anyone around in the boston/cambridge area? I took june, but i'm planning for an october retake.
  • JSJS Free Trial Member
    184 karma
    I live in Philadelphia and I am plan to take October test. Anyone in Philadelphia?
  • christopherpenny1christopherpenny1 Free Trial Member
    2 karma
    I will be in Ft. Collins, CO for the next month or so, and then most likely will be moving to the Denver area after that. Will anyone be in these places and want to study for the Oct (maybe December) test?
  • Connie O.-1Connie O.-1 Free Trial Member
    12 karma
    Hey waterspolo Im also looking for a study in NYC...weekends and late evenings work for me too...where are you on the syllabus?
  • kzhu11kzhu11 Free Trial Member
    2 karma
    Waterspolo & Connie, weekends in NYC would be great for me...please shoot me a message if you want to get together.
  • Connie O.-1Connie O.-1 Free Trial Member
    12 karma
    Hi! kzhu11 Where are you on the syllabus? here's my email
  • -deactivated--deactivated- Alum Member
    10 karma
    Hey guys,

    I'm also looking to join a study group in NYC-Midtown. I'm 30% through the syllabus and can meet evenings/ weekends.
  • Nevill WilderNevill Wilder Free Trial Member
    19 karma
    80% through, planning on starting practice tests next week. If there is anyone who is looking to go through a gauntlet of pt's with me before the Oct test let me know. I live in Aspen, CO. If there is anyone in the area, which is doubtful, I would love to meet up for study sessions. Otherwise Skype or FaceTime will work just fine. Highest score so far is 168, shooting for 175+.

    C'mon let's go play! I promise it'll be fun(ish)!

  • YZYZ Free Trial Member
    37 karma
    Hey, anyone in NYC this summer, please let me know i would love to form a study group too, 2 or 3 people would be very efficient. Let me know. Thanks!
  • Amir ShakoorianAmir Shakoorian Free Trial Member
    57 karma
    Hi YZ and everyone else in NYC- I am in New York as well. I just got done with the course and i'm planning to take 1-2 PTs a week until October. I can meet similar times as others, weekday nights and weekends.
  • YZYZ Free Trial Member
    37 karma
    Hi Amir, you can message me too,
    let set up a time!!!
  • Shaynah JonesShaynah Jones Free Trial Member
    2 karma
    Hi, I'm Shaynah and I'm a Columbia Uni student looking for a study buddy. If anyone is interested, just email me.
  • AristatoAristato Free Trial Member
    4 karma
    Im in san diego and prepping for the oct LSAT. Anyone else in the area interested in a study group to meet once a week?
  • FryBreadfruitFryBreadfruit Live Member
    120 karma
    Ha @platoe1 if San Diego was any closer to Pasadena , Ca it's a yes lol...prepping for October
  • sebastiamr21sebastiamr21 Free Trial Member
    8 karma
    Hey, I'm in pasadena Ca. Let me know if your interested in studying. Title email 7sage study buddy!
  • sebastiamr21sebastiamr21 Free Trial Member
    8 karma
    I also travel back to philly suburbs if anyone wants to meet there as well! Skype so works
  • FryBreadfruitFryBreadfruit Live Member
    120 karma
    I just emailed you
  • Luis89011Luis89011 Alum Member
    edited July 2013 48 karma
    About to Start Pt's soon (61-65) if someone wants a study buddy, im 6 hours ahead of Eastern time, or if anyone is in germany, lol.
  • J KJ K Free Trial Member
    7 karma
    Is meeting in person more effective than simple online gchats?
  • paulfan2011paulfan2011 Free Trial Member
    125 karma
    Anyone interested in studying together via google doc or Skype? I just finished all the lessons and planning to start working on the preptests. I scored 166 on the diagnostic.
  • dontdoitkiddontdoitkid Free Trial Member
    3 karma
    Hey All. I'm in the Boston area and prepping for the December LSAT. Looking for 1/2/3 people to stay motivated with and PT/Blind Review together on weekends (in person or Google Hangout). Email me at if you are interested!
  • JSJS Free Trial Member
    184 karma
    I am at Penn and if you are in Pilly please contact me.
    My score is around 158 to 162 right now.
    Class done, PT drilling!
    Add me or email me,
  • FryBreadfruitFryBreadfruit Live Member
    120 karma
    FYI found my new LSAT study partner via this board... And he is the best!!!! We are so motivated for OCTOBER! :)

  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    14094 karma
    That's awesome!
  • ayemacayemac Free Trial Member
    edited July 2013 7 karma
    This is such a big stretch ... I've scoured the boards at TLS ( and will prob. post on there soon).... but if anyone needs a study buddy for the Dec. test in Shanghai (or hears of anyone) let me know!
  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    14094 karma
    study buddy online with someone?
  • K SK S Free Trial Member
    86 karma
    Anyone need an online buddy? I am in the boston area but have had little luck finding a buddy.
  • RalphWiggumRalphWiggum Alum Member
    18 karma
    Anyone looking for study partner in DC or DC area? I am planning on taking in Dec. Would especially like to find someone with whom I can take turns explaining logic games, definitely the area I need the most help. Shoot me a message if interested.
  • carolliu20carolliu20 Free Trial Member
    2 karma
    I'm taking the test on October. Anyone interested to discuss individual problems online? I'm looking forward to find study buddies. My skype is rubybaby26
  • KK Free Trial Member
    edited August 2013 345 karma
    If anyone wants to study with me, particularly LR, please let me know. I'm studying for October.

    Currently I'm doing well enough in LG and RC that I can probably help you out. In return, I want a study buddy who is good at LR to help me.

    I'm from NJ but available on Skype after 6pm EST.

    My Skype is "Necromagia" (lol).
  • dan.dongsungdan.dongsung Free Trial Member
    4 karma
    I reside in Baltimore and am scheduled to take the October exam
    if anyone is interested in meeting in person (never had very good experiences with Skype- but this is stemming from my previous relationships haha); anyways I have student access to any of the UMB campus (downtown Baltimore)/UMBC facilities for meetup

  • PeterPeter Free Trial Member
    90 karma
    Hi everyone, coming back from a 3 month break on studying and just getting back into it (planning on writing the Dec test). I'm getting 172-174 on most of my PTs (goal is 175+) and finding it hard to get motivated again by myself. I'm in the DC area and work a day job so will be studying mostly on weekends. Lemme know by message if you're interested.
  • nyno2010nyno2010 Free Trial Member
    2 karma
    I am looking for an LSAT study partner in the NYC area for the June 2014 test. Would preferably like to study in person but alternatively, Skype/email/phone would do. PTing around 160 and looking to improve on LR and RC. In order of relative ease: LG>LR>RC. Looking for someone who is PTing at or above 160. I have most tests and explanations on my computer. Looking to PT at 168/9+ (to account for variable change in test conditions) and to score a 165+. 

    PM or comment if interested.

  • Gz412326Gz412326 Alum Member
    92 karma
    Taking the LSAT in Febraury in Shanghai! Anyone else??
  • CalifornianCalifornian Alum Member
    21 karma
    Anyone in Kuaka Lumpur? Please let me know!
    48 karma
    Taking the LSAT in June 2016 in Brooklyn, N.Y.C, anyone in the Brooklyn area, Please let me know thanks. :)
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