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Studying for The LSAT While in Grad School

michael_theodoremichael_theodore Alum Member
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Any current graduate students that's studying for the LSAT? What is your weekly schedule like? Do you feel that you are getting adequate LSAT prep time? By the way, I'm planning on taking either the June or September 2017 LSAT.


  • Not Ralph NaderNot Ralph Nader Alum Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    edited December 2016 2098 karma
    @michael_theodore I used to study for LSAT while taking some undergraduate courses and also when I was writing my master degree final project. To be honest, I could not get adequate prep time but I managed to find at least an hour per day to study for LSAT which helped me a lot. I would suggest you to study for LSAT full-time at least for few months before taking the test. I found it easier to focus on LG while I was at school; because I love doing LG and it is easier to manage given the limited LSAT studying time per day. You can Take and BR one to two game per day while you are at school.
  • mk940808mk940808 Alum Member
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    Yeah, I'm doing my masters right now and it's definitely been a challenge. I try to wake up around 6-7, get to a library and either take a PT or do some LSAT studying every morning. After I go to my first class the day just becomes a blur and I can't focus on LSAT later on in the day anyway so I almost never get to do LSAT work unless I get my morning session in. I have a fellowship so I'm not working this semester thankfully -- work + grad school + LSAT would be horrific. Overall, it's doable if you manage your time efficiently.
  • BreeBreeBreeBree Member
    edited December 2016 219 karma
    I studied the LSAT while doing a Master's, took it this past Saturday. I was also writing a thesis this semester, it's doable. I started seriously studying in May, by the time the semester came around I was doing weekly PTs and drilling so I wasn't studying the concepts and so on. If you're planning on taking the test in June I would suggest starting now, with time management it is doable to get lots of studying done while juggling your school load..
  • michael_theodoremichael_theodore Alum Member
    253 karma

    Thanks everyone for the responses. I'm not taking the LSAT until September and the tougher graduate courses are out of the way.

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