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Tips for Personal Statement

tmd12tmd12 Alum Member
edited October 2014 in General 31 karma
Anyone have tips for writing personal statements ??


  • johnnymshawjohnnymshaw Alum Member
    11 karma
    I would say resist the temptation to try and stand out. I've heard admissions officers say the best essays are the ones that quietly show something about you that wouldn't be immediately clear from the rest of the application. Make sure you write clearly, just say what you want to say don't try to impress with fancy writing. Probably don't start by describing the weather and the way your heart was beating during some pivotal moment in your life. And you don't have to write about overcoming adversity, especially if you didn't really face much.
  • Clayton1-1Clayton1-1 Alum Member
    15 karma
    Ive always heard to try and make it personal to the school you are applying too. Make the people who are reading it know that it wasn't just some general personal statement that you sent to 10 law schools
  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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    Hey @tmd12, did you know we actually have a Personal Statement Bundle here at 7Sage?

    You can get it here:
  • LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
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  • chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
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  • adriandebi28adriandebi28 Alum Member
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    @johnnymshaw The sarcasm is strong with this one. There is actually good information in the above post...just read it backwards.
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