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J. TharpJ. Tharp Alum Member
in General 575 karma
I think some of us could use some inspiration ;)

This was my first time taking the LSAT and I scored a 160. It's not what I hoped, but I know I wasn't ready. I missed 26 questions but twelve of them were LG. So, if this was your second or third time, I'd love to hear how you improved! Thankfully, I had already planned on sitting out this cycle. I don't plan on retaking until my average is at or above a 171. So please, if you improved, let me know - and tell me how you did it!



  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
    12637 karma
    Didn't take the LSAT but hey... I actually took an LSAT question last night and got it right. That's improvement 8^)
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    edited January 2017 11542 karma
    @"Dillon A. Wright" said:
    I actually took an LSAT question last night and got it right. That's improvement 8^)
    YES DILLON! I've been waiting for this moment! haha

    OP - I didn't take the Dec LSAT but congrats on the160 for your first attempt! Glad to see you realize your potential and will be doing what you need to do to get a 170+! I have faith in you, don't let the LSAT try to outsmart you <3
  • Not Ralph NaderNot Ralph Nader Alum Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    2098 karma
    I improved by 25 points from 148 (diagnostic) to 173 (December test).
  • El DuderinoEl Duderino Alum Member
    137 karma
    The dude improved 12 points. Thanks to 7Sage!
  • SimbatronSimbatron Member
    175 karma
    Not as impressive as Not Ralph Nader, BUT....

    I took the Sept. LSAT pretty blind (I read a GIANT Kaplan book that I thought would 100% prepare me for the test with little/no actual practice LOL) and got a 153. After meeting with a professor at my school of choice, I learned that I needed at least a 157 (I don't have dreams of going to t14, just want to stay where I'm at and get a law degree). After 3 months of using 7sage, I got a 159 on Dec. LSAT. If I can do that in 3 months, imagine what you can do in a year!!!! Hang in there (:
  • jonathan.hatcher7jonathan.hatcher7 Free Trial Member
    80 karma
    I believe my cold diagnostic was a147. Ended up getting a 159 on Sept, studied a bunch more for and a 160 on Dec. The frustrating part was I was averaging around 165-166 leading up to the December test with a 168 on my last full/timed/fresh PT, so I'm not sure what happened :(

    I'm considering postponing until next cycle and using my last attempt in June with the hopes of getting a score that better reflects where I'm really at. Any one else in this boat?
  • AlejandroAlejandro Member Inactive ⭐
    edited January 2017 2424 karma
    @"Not Ralph Nader" That's freaking amazing - i'm so proud of you!!!
  • tjphilbricktjphilbrick Alum Member
    174 karma
    @Not Ralph Nader that's insane! I improved 18 points from my diagnostic in late July to my December LSAT, all thanks to 7sage.
  • Not Ralph NaderNot Ralph Nader Alum Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    edited January 2017 2098 karma
    @Alejandro @tjphilbrick thanks guys.
  • Dylan TaylorDylan Taylor Alum Member
    61 karma
    142 (Feb 2016) to a 160 (Dec 2016). (Perfect games section too!!) Thanks 7Sage
  • joma9933joma9933 Member
    47 karma
    143 (Dec 2015) to a 156 (Dec 2016). Was somewhat frustrated because I was PTing 160 for awhile but then it dropped down. But I ended scoring my average on test day, and that makes me happy! Kudos to all of you who have improved your scores- We did it!
  • emmanuelntowemmanuelntow Alum Member
    37 karma
    @"Not Ralph Nader" How long were you studying and how many P-Tests did you go through before starting to reach that range of scores? and also which section would you say was your weakest? Just interested in the journey you took as that is the biggest jump I have seen.
  • JCooper5JCooper5 Member
    6 karma
    I improved 5 points from 151 to 156. Oddly though, I performed better in the RC section on my second writing when I spent the past 4 months studying LR. Makes me nervous that my score was just luck. I always score close to perfect in LG but seem to struggle in the LR. In practice I can do them almost perfectly but in the 35 min it all goes to hell.

    I guess it is just practicing my LR in test conditions from here on out. Anyone else having this problem? I can't decide if the best tactic is to go slower through and be more accurate and potentially guess the last 5-7 questions or attempt to answer them all. Thogh
  • Not Ralph NaderNot Ralph Nader Alum Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    2098 karma
    @emmanuelntow it took me more than a year (around 14-15 months) of full-time LSAT studying. I took 32 full PT and a lot of individual sections. My weakest section was LG. I fool-proofed all the games from PT 1-36 alongside most of the games from those PTs that I took.
  • 41 karma
    @joma9933 and @Dylan Taylor do you guys mind sharing what you did? If not, how many hrs per week? did you guys work/school? full-time or part time?
    did you take a break in btwn the 1st take and re-take? if so, how long was it?
    what did you do prevent burn-out? take a the weekend off?

    I this sounds like an FBI background check, but I'm just curious!

    Thank you in advance and Happy New Year!

  • S.P. 170S.P. 170 Alum Member
    188 karma
    June 2015 Score (Cold): 158
    December 2016 Score (7sage, powerscore, etc): 162

    +4, all in LG.

    Not a big improvement for 1.5 years of studying, but it's enough for my purposes and I did hit my target score.
  • bbutlerbbutler Inactive ⭐
    401 karma
    Improved 9 points from my last time and 12 from my diagnostic. LG absolutely killed me -14 when I normally am only -3/-4. But it gives me a great opportunity to sit out and be able to test/drill more so I can hit that 175 dream score!
  • EmmaWI88EmmaWI88 Alum Member
    213 karma
    I took the LSAT 2 years ago with a 158. I went back to it in August and got a diagnostic of 154. I used 7Sage and ended up with a 163 from Dec. It's not the greatest score (180 ;) ) but I'm proud of it and an hoping this will get me in one of my choice schools based on my experience. Biggest lesson learned is you cannot rush this studying and you really probably do need at least 6 months to get up into the 170s unless your are already diagnosing at a high number. But all of it is possible and tangible and this community will give you the support and guidance to get you where you want to be.
  • DByrne07DByrne07 Core Member
    279 karma
    144 DEC 14
    146 OCT 15
    152 DEC 16

    Going to study and shoot for anything above 158... I think that is doable and then be done with this thing.
  • emmanuelntowemmanuelntow Alum Member
    37 karma
    @"Not Ralph Nader" Wow, that is a very long time but the results you achieved are first class. I am in a similar boat and I honestly which my life circumstances allowed me to have that much time or a little less to devote to the LSAT. Being in NY and applying to NY schools, the only real chance of getting into a good law school and having the opportunities that will pay back loans comes first from how well I do on the LSAT.
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