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Transaction games (i.e. game 4 Dec 2016)

BreakthelsatBreakthelsat Member
in General 82 karma
Do you guys remember the last game on Dec 2016's PT? The one with real state companies and interchangeable buildings. I am searching for games similar to that for extra practice. Please let me know which PTs/games have similar scenario! I totally froze on that game because it was so out of my comfort zone and it felt quite open ended in the way the rules were interacting with one another (in a sense that I could not divide the game in to sub-game boards). Thanks!


  • SeriousbirdSeriousbird Alum Member
    1278 karma
    I didn't take this test, but from what I heard it sounds very similar to the oil/watercolor paintings with the centurys 19/20 from the earlier 1-38 LG. I could be way off, but from what I read in peoples posts that's what it sounds like with some extra tweak.
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Inactive ⭐
    2086 karma
    Hmm, that particular game was quite unique. @sweetsecret might be on to something. The painting game is similar, but certainly not identical.
  • sweezyseasonsweezyseason Member
    262 karma
    Hey! So I haven't come across anything exactly like it but try preptest 10 game 3, it's another unconventional game that kinda does like a trade off type thing. Preptest 11 game 4 is another one thats similar. I'll keep an eye out for more!
  • Daniel2433Daniel2433 Alum Member
    138 karma
    PT 12 game 4 is on that level of weirdness
  • BreakthelsatBreakthelsat Member
    82 karma
    Thank you all!
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