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Thank you to 7Sage! I'm elated!

miriruchertmiriruchert Alum Member
edited October 2014 in General 180 karma
I want to thank everyone at 7Sage and especially JY for being here when I found you and believing in me by responding to my questions and then by teaching me an incredible amount in a short time. I had been studying for a year but not able to figure out Logic Games....scores would not be higher than 154...then after a few lessons with you I improved to 163 and I just got my first 167 today. I have a feel for Logical Reasoning now, I did not think possible as well as am improving a lot on Logic Games. I'm far from done but wanted to let you guys know that you are the best and you mean the world to me...I never thought I could reach 25th percentile for my dream school and now I'm there! I'm on my way to make 170 plus a possibility and all because of you. If I get into Stanford, you will be to blame ;-) YOU all ROCK! Miriam


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