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What next after FEB LSAT

Aman KangAman Kang Member
in General 38 karma

Hey guys just need some advice. So, my first take was yesterday and I have been studying for about a year. I can't really gauge what type a score I will get. If need be, my second take would be June. I just don't know when to start studying for the June LSAT. I am feeling quite drained and don't feel like jumping right into studying but I don't want to get sluggish with the methods either :/. Also, if I don't start studying again would it be wise to focus on weaknesses rather than doing the core curriculum again? Some pointers on that would be great as well.

Thanks again :)


  • draj0623draj0623 Alum Member
    916 karma

    I took about a month off in October as I waited for my September score. I felt tired and a bit burned out from the experience so I felt taking time off was necessary. If your fundamentals are strong, the skills will come back when you start studying again. You might be rusty for a few days but the muscle memory of the LSAT will be there. Once you start studying again, I would definitely start where your weaknesses have been. Unfortunately, the February test is undisclosed so you will not be able to identify which questions you categorically missed. In this situation, I would take a test to jump in and generate data to identify where your weaknesses are from that point. I hope this is helpful! I also took the test yesterday so congratulations on making it to the other side. :blush:

  • camcam Alum Member
    349 karma

    I'm in a similar position, but I don't think I would be ready for a June retake based off of what my plan is.

    I'm not planning on studying till the Feb scores come out. It was my first take, but I felt very good about it, which in my case, means I did either really good or really really really bad. I'm using the rest of February to catch back up on the other elements of life that I put on the back burner during my final prep for the test. I've felt mentally spent yesterday and today, so other than the required items (e.g. homework and work), I'm avoiding mentally intensive activities for at least a few days.

    If my score isn't in my target range, I'm going to go back through the CC as a general review before diving into the weaknesses. The weaknesses will, at least initially, be based off of the last three PT's I completed before the actual test mostly via targeted question types (thank you analytics section).

  • Pi031415Pi031415 Alum Member
    248 karma

    I'm taking June. It'll be my 3 and last time. I took the weekend off and ordered the LSAT trainer. Whenever that arrives I'll start to study again. I'm
    Also going to purchase the full 7S course. Good luck!

  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11542 karma

    Don't worry about jumping back into prepping so soon - if you went through the material properly, you won't forget too much! it's like riding a bike! I usually advise to wait until the test comes out so you can look at your weak points when given access to the PDF of your test - but feb doesn't offer that. Either way, take time to give your brain a break, and who knows, maybe you won't need to retake once scores come out ;)

  • Aman KangAman Kang Member
    38 karma

    Thank you for the feedback and tips! @montaha.rizeq @cam @draj0623

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