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a rule I had issue with initially...

edited May 2013 in Logic Games 29 karma
Pure sequencing game. Rule was something like W is before S OR S if before T BUT NOT BOTH... I was drawing a blank for a while. Doesn't that mean, in a nutshell, S will never be b/w W & T either before both or after both? Also, how do you draw that into your grand scheme efficiently? This game should have taken 6m, but drained 12 due to me not handling those 2 "or/not both" rules well.


  • kenglish55309kenglish55309 Member
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    I think you have a typo 'if' should be 'is'. I think that it means exactly what you said. These types of rules make me pause for a bit too. I am hoping to reduce the pause by test day.
  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
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    That's a rule that comes up quite a bit in the games in the 50's and 60's prep tests. I don't want to give away which games in particular have them, but you'll encounter them when you go through those prep tests, which you should!

    Then, watch their video explanations here and you'll see how I deal with them. Sometimes, these rules allow you to spilt your master game board.

    Either W - S or S - T but not both. You've got a good intuition for it.

    Maybe it's W - S. When that's the case, we cannot have S - T, which means we have T - S. So together, we get W and T both before S.

    Or maybe it's S - T. When that's the case, we cannot have W - S, which mean we have S - W.
    So together, we get S before both W and T.

    So S cannot be in between W and T and must be either before both or after both.

    This lesson in bi-conditionals is useful for explaining the theory

    What do you make of this one?
    W is after S or T is after S but not both.
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    No S-W^T
    No W^T - S
    W/T - S - T/W
    look good? :) Love your vids btw.
  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
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    Good job! :)
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