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Reading Comp HELP!

DavabrahamsDavabrahams Alum Member
edited November 2014 in General 62 karma
Hey guys, so when I first took my first ever LSAT Diagnostic 4 months ago I got an embarrassing 127. However I'm now scoring around a 144-145ish. I've improved in both Logical Reasoning and Logic games obviously not to the point where I'm great at it but to the extent that I get about 15 questions give or take correct on each section. With all of this being said, My reading Comp section is by far the worst. For instance on some exams I get -21 and on others I get -18. My goal is not to get a 160 plus but rather to score atleast in the low 150's. Is there anybody that can give me some advice on how to tackle Reading Comp? I just flat out suck at LSAT Reading comp. I plan on taking the the Dec LSAT.


  • SapphireSapphire Alum Member
    289 karma
    my advice is to go and just ignore the time. i find that reading comp is hard for me (when doing the practice questions from jy) because its hard for me to map out the passage on the screen and keep track of ot in my mind. i would sugget that you print them out, ignore the clock, and read that passage at YOUR normal reading pace, then answer the questions. i wouldnt get to crazy on mapping out the passage besideswhere the critic and the author begins and the main point. hope this helps. sorry for all the keyboard errors, im typing on a forein keyboard.
  • Dillon PGDillon PG Alum Member
    140 karma
    Follow the lessons on this site for Logic games and in a few weeks you will be golden. Blind review for LR is essential to improving. Reading comprehension.... I'm not sure what the best method for improvement is but I think taking your time on the passage and really understanding the gist and layout of the passage is a good way to get a lot of questions.
  • chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
    827 karma
    I suck at reading comp as well. But I can personally say that you are 100% Capable of getting your desired score if you dominate the games, get around 80% correct on LR and just slightly bump up that RC score to around -10.
  • DavabrahamsDavabrahams Alum Member
    62 karma
    Thank You all! I greatly appreciate the friendly advice!
  • johnnymshawjohnnymshaw Alum Member
    11 karma
    For reading comp, don't get lost in the subject matter because a lot of it is unclear and hard to understand. Focus first on finding anywhere the author states an opinion - this is the most important. Focus second on the structure, try to think about how each paragraph relates to the other paragraphs and to the main point. Is the second paragraph rebutting an argument from the first, is it providing evidence in support of the first, etc. Focus on this instead of what the actual evidence/subject matter is. If you don't understand something, just keep reading, constantly looking for opinions and thinking about structure, often times you will read something that doesn't make sense, but once you read on, it will become clearer. Don't get bogged down.
  • anikkhananikkhan Alum Member
    8 karma
    Try this: read a passage and create a main point-support outline. Something like:
    Main Point
    - Support 1
    - Sub-Support 1
    - Sub-Support 2
    - Support 2

    In the beginning, this will take time (you might have to re-read several times), but it will force you to really think about what you read and it will help you to understand how every sentence in the passage relates to each other.
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