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J.A. Bettig


J.A. Bettig
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  • They are already in the process of doing so. You can keep track here:
  • Averaging low 170s, BR average is mid 170s. Max score is 178 and max BR is 179. Mark me as interested!
  • Is English your native language? It could be sentence structures throwing you off perhaps. How are you on RC typically?
  • There is a Study Buddy feature under the "discussion" tab, have you tried that yet? Admin Note:
  • I love how this eight year old chat got revived lol
  • If you are at their 50th LSAT percentile, I would hardly call it a safety, especially not in this cycle. Also, YP would explain the WL, but not the subsequent rejection. I apologize if this sounds mean, but this post comes off as very entitled. Is t…
  • I agree with the overall sentiment of this thread, but I think a key detail has been omitted. Yes, you don’t need to go to a T14 to be a successful attorney. Besides, as many have mentioned, “success” is very subjective, and for the layman, law degr…
  • I think you made the poll incorrectly, there is no option to vote for yes. Thus, I will just say it here: disclose.
  • The logic games aren’t getting replaced with anything. With the new flex format, one of the LR sections and the experimental are getting removed, but the other sections are otherwise left intact. Who told you that the LSAC is removing LG?
  • Pting in the same range, interested!
  • Personally I choose 10 random logic games daily! It allows me to see the same games multiple times, but I’ve found that the longer intervals between them help me reinforce the underlying inferences. Fool proofing definitely works, but with this twis…
  • Get a NYT or WSJ subscription, if you’re a student they have great deals (but even if you’re not, the introductory offers for those papers are very accessible).
  • What’s your current score? There’s a big difference between improving 13 points from a 140 and a 165.