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SF City Du
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  • Law school diversity statements (depending upon specific language of prompt) should be thought of as an opportunity to dive deeper into what makes you "different". While for some, it may be the color of their skin or their sexuality, others may find…
  • Completely depends upon what your job was with the campaign was, and who the candidate is. Should go without saying, but a traveling press secretary for Elizabeth Warren will look a lot better than a social media intern for Tom Steyer.
  • Incredible!!! I do have a question for you: I am taking my test in July, and I work full-time as well, often 50-55 hours/week. What did you do for your last few weeks of prep directly before your test?
  • @swamlepow said: Excellent work! I was in a similar position when I first started. Make sure to leave plenty of room for pting. I'd try to plan for 25-30 tests if you're set on maximizing your score! Thanks! I know it's not my business, but …
  • The LSAC has actually added a July test as well if you are in North America.