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Mark D33


Mark D33
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  • Where is your biggest weakness? If you're mainly missing LG, that's a pretty good sign, easiest to improve on. LR can improve but requires work. RC takes a LOT of work. However if your goal is 153, you can totally bomb RC and just focus in on LG/LR
  • The general wisdom is +/- 3 points your PT average. This is about the range you can expect on the real test. Some people just work much better under pressure when the "lights" are on and find it easier to focus and do better on the real thing. Howev…
  • I believe you can only use a wireless mouse if you have a desktop computer. NOT if you have a laptop.
  • I'm trying to do one PT on the weekend and one PT in the week if i can squeeze it in. Then try to do atleast one LG a day and one RC a day. I feel like these two are sections that benefit from constant repetition. If i go too many days without doin…
  • I just did this test today. Are you sure you did 91+? #9 on mine is from the second passage. 91+ as i see it is the section w/ MoTown, Markets Comparative, Animal Classification (Lump vs split), & Copyright.
  • Just my 2 cents... I think learning the "theory" behind LR is a bit overrated. JY does a good job of outlining the basics which i think is more than enough. I've read the LSAT Trainer, Loophole, Powerscore, and the 7 Sage course (yea, i've taken th…