7Sage is hiring.

We're looking for a stellar teacher to help us create a bar prep course.

We're looking for someone who's in their 3L year or just graduated from a top law school.

Working with us is pretty cool. You're your own boss. You'll decide how you want to structure the curriculum. It's all digital so you'll decide where you want to work. For example, over the past two years, we've worked in NYC, Honolulu, Vancouver, Panama City, Shanghai, Kyoto, New Delhi, Saigon just to name some of our homes / offices. We work very hard because we really love what we do. And it pays very well. (And paid vacations are mandatory.)

Okay real talk - if you're thinking about going into corporate law please do not put on those golden shackles. You're worth more than what they'll pay to enslave you. Trust me, I've been there. When I graduated in 2010, I had two offers from top tier law firms - David Polk and Paul Weiss. I turned them down because I wanted to do something I felt was meaningful. I felt that educating people was meaningful and to leverage technology and the medium of the internet to educate en masse I thought was really cool.

So, if you feel the same, apply to work with us. It really is the best job ever.

To apply, email me (jy@7sage.com) a five minute or shorter video of you teaching a subject in law. I want to learn from you. Show me what you can teach.

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