What is LSAC LawHub Advantage and why do I need it?

LawHub Advantage is a subscription service offered by LSAC that launched in March 2020. LSAC requires every student who wants to use a prep course that uses real LSAT questions to have an active LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription. That includes 7Sage and any other LSAT prep course that uses real LSAT questions.

You only need one active LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription no matter how many prep courses you use. That means that if you use prep courses from multiple companies, you don't need to purchase multiple LSAC LawHub Advantage accounts. You can use the same one.

If you have a grandfathered account, you just need to confirm whether or not you already have LawHub Advantage.

Do I have LawHub Advantage already?

If you have an LSAC Fee Waiver, then you automatically get LawHub Advantage for free from LSAC, so you have it.

If you purchased LawHub Advantage from LSAC directly, then you have it.

If you purchased an LSAT prep course after March 2020, there is a decent chance that LawHub Advantage was bundled into your course. You should follow the directions below to check.

I'm not sure if I have LSAC LawHub Advantage, how can I check?

Step 1 - Log into LawHub

Log into your LawHub account at lawhub.lsac.org. If you do not have an account, then you do not have LawHub Advantage.

If you are not sure if you have an account, then (1) tap "Forgot your username", (2) enter your email address, (3) tap "Send verification code", (4) check your email for code, (5) enter code in LawHub, and (6) tap "Verify code" to get your username. If the system cannot find a username for you, then you do not have LawHub Advantage

Step 2 - Look at your LawHub account

If you only have access to a few PrepTests not including PrepTest 19, 20, etc, then you do not have LawHub Advantage:

If you have access to many PrepTests including PrepTest 19, 20, etc, then you do have LawHub Advantage:

What if I made a mistake and make the wrong selection?

Don't worry! Just contact studentservices@7sage.com to let them know what the correct selection is so we can fix your account.

What happens after I make my selection?

After you make your selection, you should get a prompt to link your 7Sage account to your LSAC LawHub account. If you don’t have an LSAC LawHub account you have to create one. Once you link the accounts you are all done!

Will I be charge for this?

Nope, we just need to know if you already have LawHub Advantage. There is no charge either way!