Pace University 2014, Finance

What's your favorite whale?

What was the hardest thing you've ever done?
I tried to become a vegetarian. It was so difficult. I was hungry all the time. It lasted for about 2 months and then I was invited to a BBQ.

What song are you embarrassed to have on your iPod?
Without You - Air Supply

Who do you want to help with your law degree?
People whose rights are ignored because they lack the means to make their voices heard. I want to provide these people with the representation they deserve.

Who or what motivates you? Where do you get it from?
The privileges I enjoy motivate me. I have met people who did not have the opportunity to go to school and reach the goals they set for themselves. Since I have the chance to choose the career I want to pursue, I want to make sure it's a career that will help those people who are not as lucky as I am. This is what I strive to do with my law degree.

Tell me something that you are proud of?
Dedicating my summer to preparing for the LSAT.

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