Not all arguments are equally strong

Some are stronger than others.

Recall the three arguments we've looked at so far:

1. Tigers

Not every mammal is suitable to keep as a pet. After all, tigers are very aggressive and can cause serious injuries to people.

2. Disney Vacation Club

Members of the Disney Vacation Club can now access the Genie+ fast pass. Those who have offered ten goats' worth of propitiations to Mickey Mouse can download their Genie+ pass via the Disney app. All other members must prostrate themselves before Goofy's altar in the Magical Kingdom. Walt is a member of the Disney Vacation Club. He has a Genie+ pass yet he has never prostrated himself to anyone or anything. Therefore, Walt must have offered the requisite propitiations to Mickey Mouse.

3. Trash Bin

Detective: The trash bin in the kitchen is toppled and its contents, including some leftover salmon from dinner, spilled. Mr. Fat Cat is perched on the counter, self-satisfied, licking his paw to clean his face the way he does after having eaten. My hypothesis is that Mr. Fat Cat is the guilty party, having intentionally knocked over the bin to access the fish within.

Do you have a sense of which argument is the strongest? For now, just appeal to your intuition and try to order the three.

Here's the answer, from strongest to weakest, spoiler-blocked. Mouse over the text to review.
Disney - Tigers - Trash

In the next few lessons, we're going to explore why their strength is ordered as such from different angles. At the end, I hope everything will come together and you'll gain a deeper insight into what it means for one or more claims to support another claim. But, before you move on, I want you to come up with your own hypothesis. Make an educated guess at why. Why is it that some arguments are stronger than others? And what can account for the ordering of these three arguments?


Not all arguments are equally strong. Some are stronger than others.

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