7Sage LSAT Live Class

Online Classes Taught by 7Sage LSAT Masters

LSAT Fundamentals Class

10 Weeks, Thursdays, 9pm ET

      • Taught by Raphael Piliero.
      • Meets weekly from 9p.m. to 10p.m. ET on Thursdays starting August 4th
      • Master key concepts and perfect your timing
      • Learn with peers in a collaborative, real-time environment
      • 10 hour-long remote sessions with focused lessons and group Q&A
      • Homework, drills, and a study plan included
      • Limited to 16 spots
      • All sessions recorded so you can review later


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Not-So-Fine Print: 7Sage subscription not included. LSAC requires LSAT LawHub Advantage. No refunds given after the first day of class.

Your Instructor

  • Raphael Piliero

    Raphael Piliero

    Tutor | 180

    Raphael Piliero

    Raphael Piliero

    Tutor | 180

    Raphael was motivated to become an LSAT tutor when he saw firsthand the ways that learning logic can change how one thinks and approaches the world—and that the test can be made fun in the process! A self-described LSAT fanatic, Raphael took over 9,000 LSAT questions across several months of study prior to his exam. He decided to return as a tutor to help students reach their potential by inculcating an appreciation for logic, critical thinking, and the joy of solving curve-breaker “miscellaneous" logic games. When not thinking about the LSAT, Raphael enjoys playing speed chess and avidly watching baseball.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select your instructors?

We chose only the best and most experienced tutors from the 7Sage Tutoring program to teach our LSAT Live Classes. All of our instructors are of 99th-percentile LSAT scorers who have helped dozens of students master the LSAT as tutors. Now they are sharing their wealth of experience through our Live Classes!

Who is this class for?

LSAT Live is intended for students who have completed part or all of the 7Sage Core Curriculum, and are thus familiar with basic lawgic, core concepts from the course, and the various sections of the test.

What are the sessions like?

Each session is focused upon a different topic, designed to help students master the LSAT. During the hour of instruction, tutors will typically spend 20-30 minutes teaching the main concept, followed by interactive practice where the tutor challenges students to apply the day's lesson.

What’s your refund policy?

We will give you a full refund upon request up until the day of the first class.

They Really Like Us 😊

Take a look at these responses from our tutoring clients:

I had very high expectations going into 7Sage’s LSAT tutoring. Said expectations were exceeded.


Scott was very invested in my success and continued growth. He provided detailed analytics and specific feedback based on my practice tests and trends we saw in my performance. A tutor is not a substitute for tenacity and hard work, but Scott helped me identify my weaknesses and make my long hours of individual studying as productive as they could’ve been.


Friends and family all know the LSAT is hard, but they couldn’t relate to and support me in my LSAT journey like 7Sage did.