The key to doing well on the LSAT is to take lots of real LSAT practice tests ("PrepTests").

So where do you get real sample questions to practice on?  If you sign up for a free account you get access to a complete real LSAT with ~100 questions.  This is the same test you can get right now directly from LSAC.

If you can get it from LSAC, why get a free 7Sage account?  Because with a free 7Sage account, you can also:

  • See video explanations for every single question on that LSAT.  Understand the questions and improve your score.
  • Score that LSAT and get a performance analysis including pretty and interactive charts. Understand yourself and improve your score.
  • Get an LSAT intro course. Understand the LSAT and improve your score.

So what are you waiting for?

Free account with LSAT Practice Test

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