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  • sh.francis

    If LSAT tutors were LSAT scores Chris Nguyen would be a 180. I was having a lot of trouble with my LSAT studying, despite having previously doing well in the SAT and GMAT (10+ years ago). The test just wasn’t clicking for me. A prior tutor on another service wasn’t a great fit. I eventually found the 7sage service and started listening to all the podcasts. There was a lot of great content, but Chris’ episode “Diagnosing Errors in Logical Reasoning” really stood out to me, so I specifically requested to work with him. His approach is to use the data from drills and PTs to identify specific areas of weakness and then design a study plan that specifically builds on these ares of weakness. Working with him isn’t just him teaching you concepts during the 1hour session, he’s a force multiplier that makes your own studying more effective – like a supercharged, guided version of deliberate practice. I’m finally feeling a mastery over all the concepts and what was once a daunting task now seems much more achievable.

    Chris is also an all-around great guy who is patient, fun to talk to, enthusiastic about the material, and he has your best interests at heart. His passion for the material makes studying and learning a joy. I think he’s a tremendously gifted teacher. I can’t recommend him highly enough and am grateful to have him in my corner.

  • imstruggling

    I could not be happier with my experience with Chris Nguyen! Not only does Chris know this test inside and out, but he is also the best teacher! He is able to explain concepts in a way that his students understand, and will adjust his teaching methods/ approaches based on the student. Chris tailored an entire study plan based on my needs in order to maximize my goals. I felt that I was at a roadblock in my studying, but Chris was able to pick up on my weaknesses and adjust my ways of thinking. Chris genuinely cares about his students and wants them to succeed. I had a few moments where I felt very defeated, and having Chris in my corner helped me so much. Despite being a high scorer, Chris is relatable, kind, and does not ever make you feel bad about your level of LSAT knowledge. If you are searching for an LSAT tutor, I could not recommend Chris more!

  • paulson.abbey-1

    Taylor is the most incredible tutor I could have ever asked for. Having accommodations on the LSAT, Taylor was able to go the extra mile and specialize our sessions to fit my specific needs. Taylor was incredibly patient, always responded to emails promptly, and was able to fit in sessions on short notice. I was not only able to raise my practice scores well above my goal, but I felt extremely confident going into the the official LSAT.

  • chriscampbell7687

    Taylor Falter helps you establish fundamentals and focus on bolstering your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses. He helped me understand that the quality and focus of my time spent studying is far more important than the number of hours, which was great for my schedule that only allowed a few hours at most of studying per day. From the very first session (of 10) he brought a high degree of focus that encouraged me to do the same. Taylor’s clear cut and strictly logical approach to understanding questions also really helped me build my confidence, as it helped me get through the easier questions more quickly without having to spend time checking each answer choice.

    In the end, it helped me raise my PT’s to the mid 170’s, and I have yet to take the LSAT (this January w/out accommodations) but will be sure to update this review with the score. (I’ll also be taking in April with accommodations and will re-update then!)

  • thomasr3

    Jeff Wang was excellent and thanks to him, I saw noticeable improvement over a short period of time. I plan to continue working with him.

  • emanuelkparker

    Sam Dresner was an incredible tutor! I had been at a plateau for a long time that Sam helped me out of. She has an incredible ability to understand and communicate the nuances of LSAT reasoning. Sam was very good at diagnosing my weaknesses and helping to put me on a path towards success.

  • sophiacastro

    Sam Dresner was an amazing tutor! Before working with her I was at a complete plateau and while working with her I saw a great improvement in my practice tests. She was so understanding and encouraging and gave me the confidence I needed. The study schedule she provided me with was very helpful and when I asked her if she incorporate more of one section she updated it super quickly and trailered it to my needs completely. She really helped me take my studying to the next level could not recommended her enough; she’s outstanding!

  • yongyongyongs1

    I am currently working with Elias and I just want to say that sessions with Elias have been extremely insightful and energizing. Before tutoring with Elias, I was studying alone and I was not able to escape from plateauing. His tailored study schedule is extremely helpful. Elias really encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone and I know that LSAT students really struggle to push themselves further. If you need that PUSH, I highly recommend Elias Christensen. I just cannot recommend him enough. THANK YOU!!!

  • Capt Ken

    Taylor Falter is a 5/5 tutor. I came to him with the ridiculous task of helping me increase my score in less than two weeks. My situation was unique and was only able to take the test one more time. He showed up to our meeting having already made a game plan using my analytics. He walked me through what he thought I was doing wrong and helped me set up a study routine for the last week. I went from a 163 in August to a 169 in September. My first diagnostic test was a 138. Use 7sage and Taylor.

  • snoopy13190

    I would love to be able to leave a 10-star review for Rachel Greenbaum. My score hit a ceiling for the last 4 MONTHS! If I could improve my understanding of the LR section (specifically with Flaws and Assumptions), I would see improvement in my score. On day ONE, Rachel Greenbaum gave me that understanding. I did a total of 2 sessions with Rachel. She showed me a different way of approaching the passages, clarity with structuring, and a study plan for focus and retention. She helped me see this area of the LSAT in a TOTALLY different light! TALK ABOUT AN “AH-HA” MOMENT!! I moved my score BY 5 POINTS ON MY PT WITH ONLY ONE TUTORING DAY WITH RACHEL!!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! I’m now killing the 4-level and 5-level questions in LR!
    I am taking the April 2024 LSAT. I have invested so much time and energy to get into law school. I have taken the LSAT 4 times, and the last three scores were the same! All I needed was 15 points to reach my goal score. However, with Rachel Greenbaum’s help, I know I will hit my target score. MY TIME IS NOW! IT’S TRULY HAPPENING FOR ME!
    I am so truly grateful, Rachel Greenbaum AND 7SAGE. I will keep you posted on my outcome!

  • Alexandra.Infante101

    As a self-paced and self-guided studier prior to 7sage, I was hesitant to get a tutor before taking the LSAT. However, I had been in a rut and had not seen the improvement I wanted while I had been studying on my own. I was also hesitant about not been an active 7sage user prior to receiving tutoring sessions. With that being said, taking on the Core Curriculum alongside the instruction I began to receive with Spaulding ended up being what I had been missing in terms of my exam preparation. The course load was a bit overwhelming, but Spaulding was super patient with me and willing to work with my studying style/preferences. The tutoring was preferable to me than solely the Core Curriculum for this reason; my target areas were identified and were usually made one of the major focuses of each session. This extended to not only my approach to questions but in adapting them to timing and figuring out my strong suits in terms of concept application. I hadn’t realized how essential confidence in the material and in my abilities would be in terms of the exam itself, but that may have been the area where I felt the most improvement. My LSAT score improved by 15 points compared to my very first practice test. The progress I had made by the end of the sessions had definitely become evident. I felt all the more compelled to leave my feedback because I had continued to receive support from Spaulding and the 7sage team even after having taken the exam.

  • p.annelli

    I provided Jeff Wang a pretty short time frame to work with me (primarily on games) but he was certainly able to hone in on key improvement areas very quickly. Given more time before my scheduled test, I certainly would have continued working with him. Jeff was always easy to work with and professional but maybe more importantly, to the point and efficient with our time. Utilizing our sessions and the 7Sage analytics available from my own practice, we were able to focus on key aspects of that section for improvement. The study plan and practice schedules that he developed and personalized were also extremely helpful.

  • h_droy_lsat

    If you’re thinking about signing up for 7Sage tutoring, DO NOT DELAY! I think this is the best way to evaluate your weaknesses and then actually address them. I’d highly recommend Jeff. His meticulous study schedule and brutal pacing drills have given me a lot of confidence in my ability to find the right answer quickly. Outside of specific techniques for LR question types (shout out point at issue T-tables), his test strategies and “mentality” tips have put me at ease for actual test day. With Jeff’s help, I’m on track to crush this LSAT.

  • hayamkhan755

    I took a leap of faith with tutoring because I felt that I was just stuck in my studying and didn’t know how to get where I needed to go. Jeff Wang was fantastic, he has helped me so much in such a small amount of time that as I go into writing the test in a few days, I feel so so much better than I did before. He knew exactly what to help me with and exactly how to ensure the 170 I knew I could get. I don’t think I would be feeling like this without him and am eternally grateful for him. Within such a small time frame and only 5 sessions he took me exactly where I needed to go. I am so so glad I got paired with Jeff, he has helped me so much more than I ever could myself.

  • krrt00

    I have worked with Taylor Falter for 8 sessions so far, and I couldn’t recommend him more. I came to 7Sage tutoring feeling pretty overwhelmed, and Taylor provided my studying direction. I really appreciate that Taylor seems genuinely dedicated to my improvement and goes above and beyond every session. He has changed the way that I approach the sections and questions, giving me techniques that I wouldn’t have otherwise known to do that have helped me improve significantly. He’s also been able to spot things I do that could be improved that I never would have been able to spot myself, and identify problem areas for me to focus on improving those.

    Taylor is kind and supportive. I never feel bad when I get an answer wrong. He is also super flexible in scheduling (even when I’ve had to reschedule last minute).

    He takes so much time outside of our designated 10 hours I purchased to help me. Our sessions frequently go over the 1 hour mark (sometimes by 30 minutes!) so I can finish going over the drills/ask my lingering questions. I really appreciate that; I never feel rushed. Additionally, he has me send the results of the drills and videos of me doing logic games he assigns me between sessions to track my improvement, and compiles thorough breakdowns of my results.

    Just 8 sessions later, I’m PTing at my goal score. I would recommend Taylor to anyone.

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