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  • chriscampbell7687

    Taylor Falter helps you establish fundamentals and focus on bolstering your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses. He helped me understand that the quality and focus of my time spent studying is far more important than the number of hours, which was great for my schedule that only allowed a few hours at most of studying per day. From the very first session (of 10) he brought a high degree of focus that encouraged me to do the same. Taylor’s clear cut and strictly logical approach to understanding questions also really helped me build my confidence, as it helped me get through the easier questions more quickly without having to spend time checking each answer choice.

    In the end, it helped me raise my PT’s to the mid 170’s, and I have yet to take the LSAT (this January w/out accommodations) but will be sure to update this review with the score. (I’ll also be taking in April with accommodations and will re-update then!)

  • ssmith18

    Taylor was a very good tutor. He helped me go from only get 10 questions right in logic games to almost 20 questions right.

  • paulson.abbey-1

    Taylor is the most incredible tutor I could have ever asked for. Having accommodations on the LSAT, Taylor was able to go the extra mile and specialize our sessions to fit my specific needs. Taylor was incredibly patient, always responded to emails promptly, and was able to fit in sessions on short notice. I was not only able to raise my practice scores well above my goal, but I felt extremely confident going into the the official LSAT.

  • Capt Ken

    Taylor Falter is a 5/5 tutor. I came to him with the ridiculous task of helping me increase my score in less than two weeks. My situation was unique and was only able to take the test one more time. He showed up to our meeting having already made a game plan using my analytics. He walked me through what he thought I was doing wrong and helped me set up a study routine for the last week. I went from a 163 in August to a 169 in September. My first diagnostic test was a 138. Use 7sage and Taylor.

  • gkfkajung

    I was initially skeptical of how much 7sage tutoring could help me. I was scoring in the low 170s with the ambitious goal of 174, and thought I might as well give it a shot. Beau Bost, a 180 scorer, provided a lot of insight and helped me develop a perspective change on questions I struggled with. It was incredibly enlightening to hear the reasoning, logic, and overall thought process of someone as competent as Beau and I could see the tangible results of my growth throughout my PTs.

    I started in the low 170s. I wanted a 174. And thanks to Beau, I scored a 178.

  • imstruggling

    I could not be happier with my experience with Chris Nguyen! Not only does Chris know this test inside and out, but he is also the best teacher! He is able to explain concepts in a way that his students understand, and will adjust his teaching methods/ approaches based on the student. Chris tailored an entire study plan based on my needs in order to maximize my goals. I felt that I was at a roadblock in my studying, but Chris was able to pick up on my weaknesses and adjust my ways of thinking. Chris genuinely cares about his students and wants them to succeed. I had a few moments where I felt very defeated, and having Chris in my corner helped me so much. Despite being a high scorer, Chris is relatable, kind, and does not ever make you feel bad about your level of LSAT knowledge. If you are searching for an LSAT tutor, I could not recommend Chris more!

  • hirschybar-1

    I was skeptical as to how much tutoring could really impact my LSAT score. After just 10 hours of tutoring with Chad over 2 months my score went from 160 to 169. I am more than satisfied with my experience. Chad helped my smash my goal of 165 and did it in a very sustainable way. I highly recommend this service!

  • sh.francis

    If LSAT tutors were LSAT scores Chris Nguyen would be a 180. I was having a lot of trouble with my LSAT studying, despite having previously doing well in the SAT and GMAT (10+ years ago). The test just wasn’t clicking for me. A prior tutor on another service wasn’t a great fit. I eventually found the 7sage service and started listening to all the podcasts. There was a lot of great content, but Chris’ episode “Diagnosing Errors in Logical Reasoning” really stood out to me, so I specifically requested to work with him. His approach is to use the data from drills and PTs to identify specific areas of weakness and then design a study plan that specifically builds on these ares of weakness. Working with him isn’t just him teaching you concepts during the 1hour session, he’s a force multiplier that makes your own studying more effective – like a supercharged, guided version of deliberate practice. I’m finally feeling a mastery over all the concepts and what was once a daunting task now seems much more achievable.

    Chris is also an all-around great guy who is patient, fun to talk to, enthusiastic about the material, and he has your best interests at heart. His passion for the material makes studying and learning a joy. I think he’s a tremendously gifted teacher. I can’t recommend him highly enough and am grateful to have him in my corner.

  • puffinbd

    Beau Bost‘s thoughtful instruction, advice, and encouragement throughout my LSAT prep has been a game changer in the way I study and how to effectively and efficiently study while working full-time! I had been stuck in the mid-high 160s range and with severe testing anxiety, didn’t see how a 170+ would be possible for me, but having someone see the larger picture, point out possible testing strategies, and get to the heart of my constant pitfalls with LR, I improved in my mentality toward the test and my scores.
    The LSAT is as much a mental game as it is strategy and I’m grateful to have had a tutor like Beau that could clearly explain difficult concepts and questions while also being attentive to how I was approaching things and how to best move forward. He made a study plan for me that worked with my work schedule and helped me feel both motivated to study when I could and start seeing score gains as I targeted question-types and other areas of weakness. I felt more productive with 2 hours of prep a day versus burning out trying to catch up on the weekends alone.

  • LSATstudier22

    Chris Nguyen is a fantastic tutor at 7Sage. I took the Live Class group sessions with him and just by following his course and some of his homework suggestions I raised my LSAT score by 6 points over the ten weeks. I can tell that he genuinely cares about his students’ progress and in no way does he ever make you feel embarrassed with where you are currently at in your LSAT journey. He only ever intends to inspire you towards reaching your goals (whatever this may be). I also would like to mention that he is highly accessible over email and his constant support and encouragement changed my entire outlook on this exam. He’s amazing!

  • Preston Bigley

    Here is the thing: When you pay for Chris Nguyen’ services, you aren’t just paying for the 1-on-sessions, you are paying for a mentor. Chris allows for his students to e-mail him whenever they have any question over anything. I can say that I have taken advantage of this and it has helped so much! Whenever I am second guessing my studying plan, have questions over an lsat concept, or just need some affirmation that I am on the right track, Chris will respond within 24 hours with a thoughtful response.

    Chris doesn’t care about how many hours you purchase with him. Rather, he wants to optimize the amount of hours that he has with you. For example, we were planning on meeting on a day; however, we spent the first 15 minutes discussing whether it would be more beneficial to reschedule in a few days so I could work on a couple things to get the most out of the session. We rescheduled the meeting, and the meeting we had a few days later was extremely productive because he was willing to patient with me. That proved to me, for him, it’s not about getting the most money out of me as possible, instead he is genuinely concerned about student success.

    I told Chris in our last session together that he has helped me not only become better at preparing for the LSAT, but also, to be a better law schools student down the road. Chris is extremely vigilant in identifying weaknesses, and getting to the root causes of those weakness. Most importantly, we work together to find solutions.

    Chris brings the most out of his students because he advocates for them to take a proactive mindset in LSAT prep. He is always saying “the studying you do on your own is the most important studying you can do.” Chris is great foundational rock to have so that the studying on your own becomes optimal.

    I recommend Chris Nguyen without reservations!

  • offy0c-1-1

    Chris Nguyen has taught me techniques that I was overlooking throughout the trajectory of studying for the LSAT! I still have yet to improve (as I am still studying for the test) but I am confident that I will see great improvements with the skills and techniques that Chris has taught me! These skills are already reflective in the questions that he has assisted me with!

  • Conner24

    I cannot speak highly enough of Chris Nguyen. His tutoring, advice and mentorship have been absolutely priceless on my LSAT journey. I say this for two reasons: First, over my last six months my LSAT proficiency has improved exponentially. Although not official test scores, after 5 months of studying I improved 10 points from my diagnostic to my second test, with improvement still continuing as each day goes by. Second, Chris has been an extremely empathetic and steady hand throughout this whole process, providing me invaluable advice and wisdom to help me push through the moments of distress, anxiety and straight up fear one faces as they navigate the complexities of the LSAT.

    A good way of highlighting this is that, prior to meeting Chris, I had essentially given up on my dream of reaching a 170. I had studied hard for many months on my own, seeing little to no results and only becoming more frustrated as each day went by. Yet it was right at that first meeting that I felt everything start to change. His words of encouragement and the sureness he presented when outlining the plan to reach my goal instilled in me a glimmer of hope. This initial impression has been reaffirmed time and again over the last 5 months, to the point where now that small glimmer of hope has grown into true belief.

    This is why I can say with complete certainty that the 7sage tutoring plan is priceless. I literally can’t put a price on it; the effect it has had on me is truly unquantifiable.

  • Alisa417

    I worked with Greene Ko, and jumped up 12 points in about 5 weeks.
    My baseline was a 150, and I pulled a 162 with his coaching. He assigned the perfect amount of work each week for the time I had available to study, I never felt overwhelmed or under-challenged. He was also very flexible to my needs as a full time students, and always replied promptly despite our time difference. He was so friendly and motivating, and I appreciated that he was young and relatable to my struggles as a student. My experience with 7Sage and private tutoring has been so positive; If you are the type of student who prefers for someone else to keep you accountable for staying on top of studying and getting things done- do not hesitate to try this out. I can not recommend Greene or using 7Sage services enough!

  • jeonghoon526

    I really enjoyed working with Bailey Luber and I highly recommend her as a tutor. She is easily approachable and always willing to listen to what I am going through. Whenever I was stuck with certain problems or staying at a plateau, her advice helped me find breakthroughs. I jumped from 157 at PTs to 167 in the actual test in four months after meeting her. Not only did my score went up thanks to her, I got huge amount of mental and psychological support from her along the way and I liked this part the most. Thank you, Bailey!

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