What is LawHub Advantage for?

LawHub Advantage is a subscription service from LSAC that cost $115/year. LSAC requires that every student who wants to use a prep course that uses real LSAT questions must have an active LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription. That includes us, 7Sage, and any other LSAT prep course that uses real LSAT questions.

You must "link" your 7Sage account to an LSAC account with an active LawHub Advantage subscription in order to use your 7Sage course.

Note that you only need one LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription no matter how many prep courses you use. That means that if you use prep courses from multiple companies, you don't need to purchase multiple LSAC LawHub Advantage accounts. You can use the same one.

How to Activate/Link your account

If you purchased LSAC LawHub Advantage from 7Sage by bundling it into your course, you should have received an email from LSAC

All you have to do is to tap the "Activate" link in the email, and login/register on LSAC's site to accept LawHub Advantage. 

This activation URL can also be located on the Syllabus page. There is a message with an "Activate" button that appears just under "Continue":

Doing this will "activate" LawHub Advantage on the LSAC account, and "link" it to your 7Sage account. You will be ready to go!

If you did not purchase LSAC LawHub Advantage from 7Sage then the process is different in two ways:

(1) Instead of "Activate" buttons, you will see "Link" buttons.

(2) You must either link to an LSAC account that already has LawHub Advantage, or you must purchase LawHub Advantage on the LSAC account after linking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I purchase a 7Sage course without ever purchasing LawHub Advantage?

No. 7Sage courses require an active LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription. Please only subscribe with 7Sage if you also plan to purchase an LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription at the same time or very soon afterwards.

You have two options to obtain an LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription. (1) You may purchase it directly from LSAC for $115/year. Or (2) bundle it into your purchase of a 7Sage course.

Note that if you have an LSAC fee waiver, LSAC will give you LawHub Advantage for free.

If I already have hard copies of the PrepTests, do I still need LawHub Advantage?

Yes, you still need LSAC LawHub Advantage. The hard copies of Official LSAC PrepTests are the same ones included in 7Sage and LSAC LawHub Advantage, however LSAC still requires you to have a LawHub Advantage subscription to view PrepTest content online.

What happens if/when my LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription expires?

If you would like to continue using your 7Sage course after your LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription has expired, you will need to renew your LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription on LSAC's LawHub site.

If you renew early, before your subscription actually expires, it will extend your LawHub Advantage account one year from your expiration date. For example, if your LSAC LawHub Advantage account expires April 15, 2021, and you renew it ahead of time on April 1, 2021, then your new LawHub Advantage expiry will be April 15, 2022, not April 1, 2022.

Renewing early is a good idea if you are sure you want to renew and want ensure that your studies are not interrupted by the expiration. Alternatively if you are not sure, you can wait for your account to expire and renew at that time.

Troubleshooting Tips

LSAC is aware of login issues on their site, and recommend that you please try the following:

  • Turn off “Prevent Cross-site traffic.” How to turn it off.
  • Use another browser such as Chrome. Get Chrome for Mac or iOS. If you are having trouble with Chrome, some students report success using IE instead
  • If on Mac, update your OS to at least MacOS 10.15.4. How to check.