Dartmouth College 2010, Government

What's your favorite whale?
Killer Whales. They're beautiful.

What cause or issue are you passionate about?
I am passionate about building a fairer criminal justice system.

What song are you embarrassed to have on your iPod?
"Country Girl Shake it for Me" by Luke Bryan

If you were a Jedi, which one would you be?
I would be Anakin Skywalker when he was still good and had so much potential. He's a metaphor of how easy it is to lose your moral compass and I want to remember that.

What were you in your past life?
My grandfather. My people are Igbo and we believe in reincarnation.

If you could dream an animal into existence to keep as a pet, what would it be?
James Cameron already did that for me. I want the Great Leonopteryx, called "Toruk Makto" in Na'vi. Once he's mine, I'd train him to respond to "Jimmy."

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