Sam, remaining stoic, despite the hundreds of sand-flies attacking.
An excerpt from Michelle's modeling portfolio. Kidding! Maybe.
Yoseob lovingly surveying the pool table.
Fire-side bonding, FDR style.
The PPB Retreat was a place for comedy as well as shameless advertising of Columbia Law.
Jon and his oar.
Edison proving looking where you're going isn't as important in a speedboat.
Elisa and Yoseob on Loon Lake.
The camera is loving Tatiana.  J.Y...not so much.
Justin and his pretty, pretty flower.
Julian in the kitchen.
Amanda looking all kinds of deep here.

Elisa on her speedboat (this was before it broke down in the swimming area).
The Ganley.
Katherine at Lake George.
Dami taking in his kingdom of water.
Jenn relaxing in the shade, while Michelle and Justin take in the sun.
Sam and Jenn taking a breather on the couch at the lodge.

The Big, Bad, Scary PreProBono Fellows.

Commentary by PreProBono Fellow Justin Giles.

Photo Credit: Edison Koo
Featured image: fellowship logo

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