Toronto LSAT Courses

Downtown Yonge Tuesdays
LSAT Fundamentals Course

Jul 30 to Oct 1

Downtown Yonge, Toronto



Jason Ruggeberg



5:45–8:45 PM ET

TMU Downtown Campus

Learn the LSAT with peers in a collaborative environment.

7Sage Monthly + Live subscription for the duration of the class

10 in-person sessions with focused lessons and group Q&As

Updated curriculum for the post-LG LSAT

Specialized study plan with curated lessons and drills

Jul• 5:45–8:45 PM ET



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Learn the LSAT in a Guided Classroom Environment

Supplement your studies

No one loves the 7Sage Core Curriculum more than we do. But let's face it, not
all of us learn best within a self-guided study format. If you're an extrovert
who thrives in the company of others, a serial procrastinator looking for
structure, or someone who just needs guidance on where to direct their time,
in-person & virtual courses could give your studying the boost it needs.

Structured curriculum

While our online Live Class program is great for flexibility, in-person &
virtual courses will help you build routine. Rather than choosing to attend
one-off classes when you remember to, our In-Person program places you in a
cohort of fellow students, an LSAT community with whom you will follow a
guided 12-week program that covers all the skills necessary for success.

Free access to 7Sage's renowned online LSAT program

Self-studying can be an important supplement to group lessons. That's why each
7Sage 12-week course includes full access to our Core + Live subscription for
the duration of the class. *Lawhub Advantage not included*

Taught by top-scoring experts

There's no easy way around it. The LSAT is tough, and you probably will have
lots of questions while you're studying for it. In-person & virtual
courses give you the chance to get real-time answers from someone who knows
the ins and outs of this exam, at a more accessible price than tutoring.

Our courses are led by 99th-percentile-scoring instructors who live and
breathe the LSAT. They'll teach you essential skills and strategies, and
answer the questions that will inevitably come up along the way.

Join an LSAT prep community

It can be easy to feel like you are alone on your LSAT journey. Not everyone
has friends and family who understand what a challenge preparing for the test
can be. In-person courses are not only a place for you to learn but also a
space to build community with future law students who are on the same journey
you are.

A new curriculum for the new LSAT

In August of 2024, the Logic Games section is leaving the LSAT for good. We've
designed our Courses program to help you approach the new LSAT. The program
emphasizes the connections between Logical Reasoning and Reading
Comprehension, helping you learn both while building cross-applicable skills.

Study with your friends!

If you and a friend both purchase a course, email us at and we'll give each of you a $50 amazon giftcard on the first day of class as a referral bonus!

Schedule a Free Consult

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these classes right for me?

Our courses assume no prior familiarity with the test, and are designed to
cover all the fundamental skills involved in writing the LSAT. For any given
question type on the test, you can expect to have learned a particular
strategy to deal with it by the end of the class. That said, if you're just
trying to scrape out the last few points to break into the 170s, your time and
money might be better spent on tutoring or further self-study.

What are the sessions like?

Each class will progress sequentially through a unique variant of the Core
Curriculum, starting with fundamentals and moving through advanced,
section-specific strategies. Each class session will last three hours and
cover a set of core concepts and practice questions/passages so that students
can put theory into practice.

What's your refund policy?

A full refund (minus 6% credit card processing fee) is available up to the second class. No refunds thereafter.

Are there community norms? 

To help ensure that our in-person and virtual courses remain safe, respectful
environments for all our students, we ask that all participants abide by our
code of conduct.

They Really Like Us 😊

Take a look at these responses from our past classes:

Henry is a great instructor, he made the process of learning the LSAT really
enjoyable. This class has been helpful and fun!


The course is organized very well, and Thomas has really helped me
understand the test. He's been sensitive to feedback and made sure our time
was productive. Five stars!


Alex is an excellent instructor, he enjoys teaching the LSAT and you can
tell during his classes. 10/10 experience!