We're looking for striking photos of 7Sagers to go up on our front page!

Ideally the photos would:
1. include 7Sage student; and
2. include laptop / tablet / phone used to access 7Sage; and
3. be visually arresting and in good taste; and
4. communicate how one uses 7Sage or what 7Sage is or studying for the LSAT.

That's it.

Whether you're cramped up in your 100 sqft NYC "apartment", or sprawled out on the steps of your Savannah portico, or hunched over in a greco-roman columned ass old library room, or looking ever so disdainful in your hipster coffee shop, think outside the box, work the angles, and break out the premium filters. We're looking for some creative stuff!

Submit photos as attachments with subject "7Sage Photo Contest" to jy@7sage.com

Multiple submissions welcome and $100 per photo chosen to use on the site ye shall receive. 

Contest ends June 1st.