Our mission is to liberate legal education

The LSAT is the gateway to the legal profession, and thus it is the gateway to key positions in our society. But those who are unable to hire $150/hr tutors, or take $1000 LSAT prep courses have been at an unfair disadvantage. Until now.

We want to level the playing field. Top-notch, high-quality LSAT instruction should be affordable, and we have worked hard to do just that. We started off releasing free explanations of LSAT questions, aiming to explain every single one, but it wasn't long before copyright lawyers crashed the party. They demanded a licensing fee and electronic protections every time we show an LSAT question. So, while we have to charge for access, the goal has always been, and will continue to be, to liberate legal education.

  • This is why we release hundreds of our videos, including every LSAT Logic Games explanation, for free here.
  • This is why we donate our entire curriculum to PreProBono students.
  • This is why we offer our course for dramatically less than every other major company we know of.

We make LSAT preparation easier and more affordable, so that you can go to law school and become a lawyer.

  • J.Y. Ping

    J.Y. Ping


    J.Y. is an educator figuring out ways to bring down the cost of education while improving its quality and accessibility. “This is how we liberate and democratize education!” he likes to say to himself. He says a lot of things to himself. Not all of it makes sense.

    J.Y. graduated from Columbia University where he studied Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy and holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School. Before finding his calling in education, J.Y. pretended to be a lawyer at Paul, Weiss in Hong Kong and at Davis Polk in NYC.

    J.Y. is also a founder at PreProBono, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping poor and minority students get into law school and promoting public interest law.

  • Alan Cheuk

    Alan Cheuk


    Alan is from Canada, where he received a BSc with a joint major in Computing Science, and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University. He graduated first in his class, in Computing Science. He also received a JD from Harvard Law School.

    Alan taught International Negotiation at Jindal Global Law School and was a Sumner Redstone Fellow in New Delhi for a year after law school. He was justifiably appalled by the lack of good ramen restaurants in New Delhi.

    Alan's interests and work experience have focused on access to justice and information. He has worked for the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative in India, the Justice and Peace Commission in Liberia, and the Berkman Center.

  • Dillon Wright

    Dillon Wright

    Dillon set out on a quest to rid himself of phone anxiety by thrusting himself into the fast-paced environment of Customer Service. The result? A passion for helping people, patience out the wazoo and he no longer jumps when the phone rings. That's a plus.

    He's learning a lot by going through the content with the Students and helping them out when needed.

    Born and raised in Canada, he and his wife spend their downtime playing video games, looking up cat pictures on the internet (since his own cat is grumpy as heck and won't let them hug her) or cooking meals for each other.

  • Josh Aldy

    Josh Aldy

    Josh graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi where he studied English and Latin Literature. He worked his way through school as a barista (as English majors with Latin minors must) and was hired after graduation to develop the front of house service for what became a highly successful cafe in downtown Hattiesburg, MS.

    He began studying for the LSAT in the summer of 2015 and joined 7Sage the following January where he is now a Sage, Tutor, and Blind Review Group Leader. When he’s not putting the beat down on the LSAT, Josh is a restorer of antique cast iron, “craft” beer brewer, and outdoorsman. He will begin law school in 2017.

  • Jonathan Wang

    Jonathan Wang

    Jonathan Wang <3 logic. Now a senior instructor at PreProBono and a professional LSAT instructor and tutor, Jonathan balances his humor with intensive and proven teaching methods, making LSAT study both fun and effective for his students.

    Jonathan got a B.A. from University of California in 2007, and a JD from Columbia Law School in 2010

    He enjoys long walks on the beach, Dance Dance Revolution marathons, and doing LSAT questions by the warmth of a cozy fire (using the finished questions as fuel, of course).

Photo Credit: Edison Koo