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With Memorial Day in the past and with the conclusion of their children’s academic year hurtling towards them at light speed, law school admissions officers find themselves straddling the line […]

As May continues forward with all of its typical pomp and pollen, law school admissions officers are caught between the rush of the spring and the doldrums of the upcoming […]

With Mother’s Day around the corner, many universities are turning towards final exams and commencement season. This presents an odd series of dichotomies for law school admissions officers. On the […]

With April showers ending and May flowers commencing, law school admissions officers are still mostly in a holding pattern. The T14 schools will have their deposit deadline pass this week—once […]

With May on the horizon, many law school admissions officers continue to be in a holding pattern. As we discussed last week, most schools’ deposit deadlines have passed. While this […]

Despite change in the physical world all around them—Rising temperatures! Blooming flowers! Exploding pollen counts!—the period between April 15 and May 1 is a bit of a quiet time for […]

After taking a brief moment to look at the heavens, ponder the cosmic ballet that was the Great American Eclipse, and consider their place in the grander symphony of the […]

With the calendars turning to April, law school admissions officers are in their final sprint of hosting admitted students and reviewing files (STILL!) before deposit deadlines hit. With these deposit […]