For anyone planning to take the October or November LSAT remotely, you need to know about a compatibility issue. Prometric, LSAC’s digital testing provider, currently does NOT support macOS Sonoma, Apple's newest operating system. 

If you're considering updating your Mac, hold off and remain on macOS Ventura before your exam. 

Double-check your Mac's version in About this Mac. Make sure it reads “Ventura.”

If you’ve already upgraded to Sonoma, you have a few options. The most convenient is to borrow someone else’s computer to take the LSAT. If you can’t borrow a computer, you can use an external SSD as a startup disk and format it to run macOS Ventura. If you’re on an Intel mac, you can also use Bootcamp to install Windows to take the LSAT. 

Whether you've opted to use another computer, Bootcamp, or an external drive, you should verify your setup's compatibility using the Prometric Testing tool and LSAC Lawhub

Best of luck, autumn test-takers!