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Will this affect their decision?

Tina ChoTina Cho Free Trial Member
edited January 2017 in Law School Admissions 442 karma

Let me edit this post because I don't want him to see it just in case.
Thanks again, everyone :)


  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27725 karma

    I suspect they would interpret such an email as what it is: a petty attempt at spite over a personal disagreement. They will have a laugh at his immaturity, delete the email without bothering to connect it to your application, and never think of it again.

  • dennisgerrarddennisgerrard Member
    1644 karma

    Try to settle down with him.

  • Tina ChoTina Cho Free Trial Member
    442 karma

    @"Cant Get Right"
    Thanks, I hope so...
    Does that mean if I will not it can affect my application?
    I'm not sure how to talk to him...he always talk loud and my heart bump a lot whenever I talk with him.

  • apublicdisplayapublicdisplay Alum Member
    696 karma

    Call a school you aren't applying to and ask them anonymously.

  • armani__armani__ Member
    edited January 2017 60 karma

    Please do not kill yourself over a rejection letter. Life is too precious and short to ever think like that. Compared to millions of people around the world you should cherish the opportunity of even being able to aspire to become a lawyer.

  • SherryS1SherryS1 Member
    477 karma

    @"Tina Cho" Unless he is going to press charges, which seems highly unlikely, I wouldn't worry about it. His input will have no bearing on the admissions process.

    Schools are concerned with your character and fitness. But all relevant materials that would influence their assessment of you in regards to those matters are addressed in the application.

    You're totally fine :) Think about happy things, like starting law school in the fall!

  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Inactive ⭐
    2086 karma

    Educate your friend on defamation law.

    But, as previous posters have stated, I highly doubt they will even bother reading through the entire email. They'll probably just look at it, have a good laugh, and toss it out.
    Keep in mind, if there is no official record of this "invasion of privacy" (e.g. a police report or arrest record), then as far as they're concerned, it probably never happened.

  • Tina ChoTina Cho Free Trial Member
    442 karma

    Thank you so much everyone...I feel much relieved.
    I could not do anything today, but thought about this thing all the day...
    I will start to work on my application again now. Thank you!!
    I'll do my best.

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