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Just want to cry..

LSAT04164LSAT04164 Alum Member

Seriously. This was my 3rd take and I really messed up on LG. I was rushing through it and was making things overly difficult. I usually will get -1 or -2 on LG and I honestly feel like I got -10 or something. I'm thinking of cancelling but I just am secretly hoping I somehow pull through and get 160+. I've already submitted my application but haven't heard anything back yet. My GPA sucks so I was really banking on the LSAT. I feel like no matter how much I practice, I get there on test day and do something stupid.

Also, I took my first LSAT in February 2016, so if I did need a retake, does this mean Feb 2018 is my closest date?



  • iiiSpooniiiSpoon Alum Inactive ⭐
    edited February 2017 277 karma

    Hey, I'm in the cesspool with you. 3rd take, and I dropped the ball on LG. Felt like I was gonna cry and make a scene until a girl beat me to the punch and bawled her eyes out. Not exaggerating; I mean REALLY bawling her eyes out. How really? Carly Rae Jepsen "Really" to the nth degree really. I felt incredibly bad for her and kinda forgot about my situation.

    If your GPA sucks, any chance you can add an addendum to explain your situation. Maybe turn it around and show how it has improved you as a person?

    Unfortunately, your next retake is Feb 2018. . .

  • Chipster StudyChipster Study Yearly Member
    888 karma

    Hang in there guys, you might have done better than you think. And, if you have to wait to take until February, 2018, it will give you more time to work and save some money.

  • mlstuard94mlstuard94 Member
    11 karma

    I am there with you as well...third time and I definitely don't know what to think. I am so confused about the logic games. Also, did you guys think the logic and reasoning was freakily easy?? Cause I thought it was so easy and now I am overthinking it...

  • iiiSpooniiiSpoon Alum Inactive ⭐
    277 karma

    @mlstuard94 I try not to think if they were easy or not. I made the mistake last time because I breezed through the LR and RC yet came out under-performing. . .I don't want to get ahead of myself again by saying whether or not I found it easy. Definitely some time sinkers though that made me scratch my head and rely on POE.

  • LSAT04164LSAT04164 Alum Member
    127 karma

    Thanks everyone! I'm in Canada and don't think they even have an Addendum option.
    Yeah @mlstuard94 I found LR and RC easier than usual and I'm overthinking it now as well. Usually when I think sections are easy I underperform like @iiiSpoon. Overall I think curiosity will get the best of me so I'm not
    going to cancel my score.

  • TheMikeyTheMikey Alum Member
    4196 karma

    It's your last take for now, just wait it out and see how you did. There's really no point in cancelling unless you misbubbled a while section, among other situations.

  • Jamie216Jamie216 Alum Member
    42 karma

    I think a lot messed up on the LG. The gold/silver vase,platter question really had me messed up! Also, it was my 5th section...

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