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LR is a struggle should I try to perfect LG and RC for December exam?

jennybbbbbjennybbbbb Alum Member
in General 630 karma

So its me again...

I am really struggling with LR, especially necessary assumption questions and flaw questions even though in my head it feels like I completely understand flaw.

So I want to get a 163+. My BR has been at a 160 so I really just need to increase by 3 more.

The following are my BR scores for those who have missed my last post.

Should I just focus on perfecting LG and RC?

LR -7/-8
LG - 2/-3
RC -5/-6

I mean, I really should start focusing on timing now with only a month left..

I will write the February test if I don't score as high but some Canadian schools only look at the December test so I kind of have to do decent on this test.


  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
    edited November 2017 9366 karma

    I start getting mid-160s scores when my BR scores reached 175+. After that, I have been focusing on strategies to close the gap between my actual score and my BR score.

    That being said, since you are not going -0 on LG even on BR, I think you should focus on LG for now. But you should keep on drilling the fundamentals.

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