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Need advice on structuring my study approach/plan for the final stretch

smhassan94smhassan94 Free Trial Member

Hi guys,

So with about 9 days to go until the Dec 2nd Lsat, definitely looking for some advice regarding how to approach this last stretch. Context: I did a PT on Tuesday and finished reviewing today. The plan as of now is to do PT's tomorrow, Saturday, Monday & Wednesday. Then use Thursday as a logic game drill day to get as much final practice on games as I can. Finishing off with Friday maybe doing a few timed LR, LG or RC problems just to maintain the mindset. My concern is what if I'm not using my time wisely? or possibly burning out before the test. The PT's I have set aside to take are 78, 79, 80 & 82. Don't know if I should change up the PT schedule, maybe drop 1 or drop 2? Use them as timed sections instead. Any advice on structuring the study plan for the final stretch, advice regarding the sections or advice on what I can do to make sure I use these last 9 days as effectively as possible to maximize my score, would be much appreciated. Feel free to lay out a study plan you think will work best. Drills, timed sections, pt's etc.


Avg PT Score: 165

PT's Since Mid-Sept: 15

Avg per Section: LR - 45 RC - 19/20 LG -16/17 (although whenever I hit 165, LR is 46/47 or RC is 22 etc)

I was BR-ing but it took way too much time while working full-time, so I started just reviewing normally and trying to see why the answers were wrong and why they were right. Don't see how I'd be able to BR the legit way if I do a PT every other day as intended in my study plan.

RC, honestly is my most understudied section. My approach is really just reading each para and answering the relevant questions and continuing through the passage this way and answer any remaining questions, if any. I've tried other methods such as breaking down the passaging, writing notes, reading the whole passage then going to questions and vice versa. The current approach has had a more consistent result so I've been going with that. I doubt changing the approach and trying to learn a new one would be wise at this point. Any tips/advice would be great though. I am always rushing one passage (comparative which I save for last) in the 5min warning if I get to it, If I don't I guess and somehow score the same. RC errors are spread out across the passages, 1-2 per usually when I do get to all of them.

The LG scores are mainly due to timing issues, I almost always only get to 3 games. I rarely get time to get to the fourth game. I want to focus on getting as much LG practice as it's the section where typically most people can make gains.

Can't wait until I never have to look at or solve another logic game, RC or a LR set in a timed setting ever again. :)


  • FerdaFreshFerdaFresh Alum Member
    edited November 2017 561 karma

    I'd drill LG pretty hard to get the timing up. As you noted, those 6-7 points you're losing are the most obtainable for the December test.

    For RC, I'd advise against your current method of going a paragraph at a time then hitting the questions; I think it's a time sink. But, if you really think that's best for you, and you don't want to change it, that's your call -- 19/20 on RC is by no means a bad score.

    And you're obviously really good at LR. The questions you're missing are probably curve breakers if you're going -2/-3 per section.

    So yeah... LG should really be your focus. Foolproof some sequencing and grouping games to make timing less of an issue.

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